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Sometimes there is no really good explanation as to why progress is slow. The diet is on point, maybe you have even hired an expert with a great track record to help, you are training like a Spartan on caffeine rich oxygen and you are even using all the right supplements. Sometimes there can be underlying issues, potentially an imbalance in hormone profiles, intolerances to certain foods as well as a host of other options. On occasions there is no better replacement for blood work to be done by your GP, in short this should help outline and highlight any potential issues with hormones. For intolerances, a comprehensive metabolic test can be done, equally as effective.

Here are 3 reasons why having these tests done sometimes pays dividends.

Hormone Imbalances

If you suffer from imbalanced hormone profiles this can stop you losing body fat no matter how hard you try. Not only that it can also make it extremely difficult to build lean muscle mass and get rid of soft areas around your nipples (man boobs, guys?) and around the belly button (cortisol) for example. Once you have tests which outline these potential issues it is relatively easy to act accordingly to overcome this obstacle which up until now you have been unable to make any sense of. Another benefit of having regular blood tests (6 month intervals) is simple; you know that your body is in good health and that if there is anything wrong you will learn about it sooner rather than later and thus be able to react.


Food intolerances can be self-diagnosed if you have the ‘’know how’’ and ability to spot developing trends. Intolerances will cause inflammation of the digestive tract leading to water retention, leading to weight gain. This can sometimes be the reason people struggle to move beyond a certain weight point, without knowing it. The comprehensive metabolic test will help outline and iron out any issues here for you, highlighting any foods you should avoid. Recently a female client Adam Gethin worked with hit a sticking point and here weight seemed to stay the same and then increase on days when she ate eggs. With that Adam prescribed a supplement stack (high dosages of Vitamin D twice a week and Magnesium Pre-bed) and 6 weeks later her weight is down 12lbs! This was purely down to intolerance to eggs and an estrogen imbalance caused by the use of medication.

Taking Action

Many of you might sit there and think ‘’this isn’t that important and I will just keep at it’’ which is fine however please be mindful, sometimes and we mean just sometimes there is no replacement for tests! The answer can be right there.

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