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The bulk of content you read which aims to sell the idea of the gym, healthier eating habits and even entices you to indulge in a spot of ‘’pill popping’’ (supplements, no funny business here) will go about it the same way. Of course the pathways they focus on are the health benefits combined with the herculean looks which await you after just a handful of month’s effort, the same old benefits any action star wannabe values in a nutshell. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, in fact the benefits they talk about are credible, desirable as well as achievable. On the other side of the coin there are whole host of pluses which come almost as a direct result of practising the said habits above which improve other areas of your life.

As if I wasn’t intent enough on flogging the idea of making the lifestyle switch allow me to outline 4 areas of your life which I feel from experience will become enhanced.

Being A Better Professional

Slightly dull for many of you I am sure; especially if your career is something you love as much as a neighbour with the habits of a DI on heat. Having said that improving energy levels on a day to day basis is something almost all of us would want right? It just so happens that improved cognitive function will make you more productive in the work place. For those who are obsessed with success and all about working long hours then the benefit is there for you as well. Not only will improved energy levels aid your quest to whatever your goal might be, the structure of such a lifestyle will keep you firmly on track – allow me to elaborate. When you have a diet in place it creates a schedule of its own. Once you commit to it and become submerged your entire life will take more structure. Improved structure leads to more productivity, simples.

Self-Confidence – Feeling A Million Dollars

The latter part of that sub-heading is cheesy for sure, yet it carries true meaning. Once you have earned the body of your dreams (well, at least a good proportion – you won’t ever achieve IT because we are humans) you will genuinely feel like a new person. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one for fluffy BS but there difference in your self-confidence in correlation to the physical condition you’re in is terrific. Once you experience this feeling you won’t want to return to your former self, be warned – the quest to physical perfection becomes infectious and it will consume you! In a roundabout way this is the desired effect because once you are hooked there is no going back, the transition from part-time gym Queen to fully fledged fitness freak is complete.

Social Networks

Approximately 3 seconds after logging in on my social media accounts will reveal that the network of people I choose to associate with has changed a lot, on the whole. Some of my best friends (many are from my school days, and always will be) are people I have met via leading this lifestyle and I don’t know a more positive demographic which exists. Don’t think that these dudes are people I only bother with when I need a training partner, no. These people have become cemented in almost every aspect of my life and as a direct result more doors have opened and more positivity has entered my life – again this sounds ‘’weak’’ but I speak as I find.

Influencing Others

Without sounding as though I am suggesting you become a preacher of protein and iron you will notice the people around you alter their ways, ONCE they see your new lifestyle is beginning to pay dividends. If you’re like me you might initially be thinking ‘’what is in it for me?’’ Knowing that your loved ones are leading a healthier lifestyle is a great thing. At first glance this might sound a little, well soft, camp whatever else you want to label it as. It is only when you absorb that thought for a few minutes that it becomes meaningful. With so many health issues in our society (and it is on a MASS scale now) you should welcome the idea that your actions will lead to others around you making more informed decision in relation to their health. It was just the other day I was reading a study (from the NHS) which off the top of my head stated 20% of the UK population are obese! That is just a statistic, beyond that I would wager a bet that somewhere close to half our population are pre-diabetic. Points like that will confirm that your efforts to first of all improve your health, and then others around you are worth it!

Without sounding like an over eager sales man about to close a sales pitch, I will leave you with this as food for thought. Changing your eating habits, training with proper application (which both happen to be down to debate admittedly, but let’s keep it generic for now) is going to –

Improve body composition

Improve general health

Improve self-confidence

Improve life structure/professional career

Improve health and wellbeing of loved ones (of whom are ready to entertain such a change)

Great social network

What is there not like, is the question which is on my mind!



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