Excuses, Excuses, Excuses - The Downfall Of All Dreams!

Motivation is an overused word! Real motivation surely means the willingness and ability to overcome obstacles which not only give you notice, but ones which fall right on your lap with very little warning. For sure, the overwhelming majority of people do not possess the hunger and desire to kick these ‘’issues’’ to the side, they merely bow down and accept the restriction placed upon them. There are very few legitimate occurrences which excuse your lack of action, the issue is often within the quantity of motivation you possess – nothing else. Being in this industry (which I happen to love) I have come across and still do have the pleasure of hearing some of the most long winded, weak excuses going. In fact I was even thinking of releasing a book for the Christmas rush this year, ‘’The 50 Weakest Excuses Exposed & Dissected’’ but I doubt it would sell (I was kidding, just in case).

What you need to realise is that no matter how good somebody is at designing a nutrition and workout programme and manipulating it there on, they cannot GIVE you motivation. Yes, they can encourage you which will hopefully ignite a fire in your belly but you have to want it more than a Page 3 girl craves fame!! Still I hear you say ‘’but. . . .  . . . . ‘’ and it always starts with but! The best thing you can do is eliminate that word from your vocabulary because quite frankly we could play virtual tennis all day exchanging reasons why you can’t with counter arguments saying why you CAN. For once, just give up this awful habit of excusing your weak attitude and address it!! Admit that it isn’t the weather’s fault, your bosses’ fault, the kids’ fault or the fact that you’re not a millionaire! ‘’If I could just. . . . . ‘’ is another common ‘’power phrase’’ excuse makers like to throw in the direction of anyone who doesn’t share their awful habit, making excuses.

Let me tell you this, I have seen people with more money than they will ever need achieve very mediocre results – no, affording the supplements, foods and gym membership wasn’t an excuse they could use as they sat there in a £500 outfit and a watch worth more than the average house deposit. However, they can manufacture other excuses – ‘’I am too busy’’ is always a common one, and yes it isn’t a lie but does it mean you can’t do anything? NO!

In contrast, people who claim they cannot afford it. For sure, a financial limit will dictate what you can and can’t do. It costs nothing to train in a local park, and because you are short on money doesn’t mean you have to eat junk!! Where there is a will, there is a way! The diet may not be perfect but it will do the job, your ‘’gym’’ may not be Gold’s Gym but it will suffice and you may not have the supplement stack of Hollywood superstars preparing for a movie but it won’t STOP you improving.

I fear this has already turned into a rant rather than a constructive solution for the excuse makers amongst us. For that I cannot apologise because too much indirect ‘’words of encouragement’’ achieve nothing – sometimes the best words are ones which tell you how it is because they often enlighten you. There is a distinct possibility you don’t even know you excuse your lacking efforts, but if you scan back just a handful of months and look at what you set out to do and where your reality sits in correlation to that the answer will jump up and slap you in the face!

Don’t confuse this as an attack on people who cannot take action for any reason (there are genuine cases) or on people in general, instead regard this as a piece of writing which set-out to tell it how it is from experience and HELP you change your ways. Excuses are the number one comfort, there is nothing like them – after all you deserve that takeaway for all your hard work right

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