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It has been said before and it will be said again, at FitMag we are big believers in motivation – motivation and the correct mind-set precedes nutrition, training or supplementation because without it the latter will become redundant and meaningless. Rather than speak directly to the customer, today we wanted to get into the minds of all the personal trainers who read FitMag! There is no doubting, to get the BEST results from your clients you absolutely have to get under their skin and learn about every nook and cranny, what makes them tick?

In the gym some people love to be screamed at, they love the hardcore approach because it gets their blood boiling and their mind on fire – it makes them want to train! Others will find it excruciatingly painful and off putting, detracting from their experience with you in the gym. This is something you need to establish quickly, this will determine how far you are able to push a client within the relatively short space of time you have with them.

When a client fall’s off track, maybe they are unable to resist temptation who is to blame, you or them? There is a shared responsibility here – yes, the client should have more will power than this BUT the argument could be made that you as their trainer have failed to get into their head enough! All the top trainers who get results from their clients have this unique ability to get right into the middle of the mix and gain control of their client’s actions – it is hard to put a finger on it but the best way to describe it would be this. The trainer gets the client to really think about what they want and what it will take and constantly engrains that mental attitude within them!

Whilst on the topic of keeping your clients firmly on track, there has to be an element of accountability. This relates, wonderfully with the point above. There has to be a system where you keep the client within the realms of your rules and to do this you have to stay on top of them. The easiest tip we could give is to request their weight every single morning! Of course, this won’t mean much (necessarily) but you will certainly pick up on any binges and letting your client KNOW this is the case works wonders.

As a final note, introducing new goals generally in the short term are an ideal way to keep the client motivated. Sure, we all have our end goals but when they seem so far away it can sometimes be too distant to relate to them. Breaking it down can be a great way to keep things firmly on track.

Trainers, get your clients in line.

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