Do You Suffer With The Appetite Of A Field Mouse?

Appetite is something some of us are blessed with whilst others seem to struggle eating the average calorie intake of a field mouse, well I guess it is pretty minimal right? Joking aside getting enough calories in is essential to muscle growth, yet I would suggest that way too many people within the fitness world fail to eat enough. If this sounds like you we are going to go through 3 very easy tips to ensure you DO eat enough, after all this is your ‘’bread and butter’’ for growth, no pun intended.

Fat = Calories

Calories are not the only thing which matter but nevertheless they are essential. Every gram of fat equates to 9 calories in contrast to the mere 4 calories each gram of protein or carbohydrates will inject you with. Moving forward I would describe fats as ‘’easy’’ calories which you can add to your meals and shakes! This doesn’t mean deep fried pizzas are on the menu, oh no! Healthy fat sources such as avocado, oily fish, whole eggs, lean red meats, nuts and nut butter as well as oils such as coconut oil. Add these to your meals, trade egg whites for organic whole eggs and grow! An easy top tip for calories – add extra virgin olive oil to your protein shakes and natural almond butter to your oats and pre-bed meal. This means although your calorie intake is high, the volume of food you are eating doesn’t necessarily change that much!


If you really struggle with eating solid food in the volumes required to look ‘’Hench’’, alternate between solid meals and mass gain shakes. Some top athletes use this approach as a simplified method to getting all their daily calories in. Eat food, drink shake, eat food, drink shake and so on and so forth. The type of shake you would probably want during a bulk is a mass gainer; PhD Pharma Gain is a prime example of such a product. Oh yes, remember the oil!!

Digestive Enzymes & Fibre

Feeling bloated and constantly feeling full are common reasons an individual loses the desire to eat their next due meal when the clock strikes. Recruiting a top digestive enzyme blend such as Anabolic Designs Ravenous and eating plenty of green vegetables will help keep the digestive tract healthy and functional. Doing so will promote healthier appetite, especially the use of Ravenous!

So for all you iron beaters who struggle to get enough food down the hatch, or shall we say calories on a day to day business – take action!


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