Designing Motivation - Do You Have What It Takes?

People will often become baffled, overwhelmed and engrossed by the priority placed upon nutrition, training and then supplementation. Motivation and mind-set building are two areas which are either over looked with the cave man approach, ‘’get on with it’’ or it goes in the opposite direction and becomes completely spiritual. From experience a total emphasis on motivation is essential before a dash of ink is spent on marking out a diet or training programme. This means ‘’real life’’ motivation, keeping it on a ground level and not getting too ‘’airy fairy’’ with it all. Whether or not it is your belief you are motivated, often an individual is not – at least to the lengths they need to be in order to exclusively commit to a new lifestyle transformation. Instead of preaching to you the importance of having an indefinite approach to healthy living or HOW to have one, here is a check list to see if you really are mentally ready. If not, taking action will become easier once you have highlighted areas you need to improve on.


Often I will hear somebody say they are going to wait for a gap in their life where there are no ‘’events’’ or ‘’occasions’’ in the diary which pose a threat to their new lifestyle. The problem is this attitude carries a certain air of ‘’idealism’’ about it and as we all know, life will never be ideal – great, but not ideal! This means that instead of being somebody who always delays you need to become a solution maker, gaining the ability to hurdle obstacles – not hope they don’t ever arise. Having the mental desire and willingness to come up with solutions to an obstacle is ESSENTIAL, without it you will find you fall into the ‘’yo-yo’’ dieters category pretty quickly.

Rational Behaviour

Mentally it can be extremely tough when you commit to a new lifestyle, you might think that you are sacrificing a lot without gaining much, if any reward for your troubles – ‘’I need to be more drastic’’ OR ‘’what is the point’’ are two common reactions. Like point one, the ‘’yo-yo’’ dieting club gain a new member. Consistency really is king, we all have good and bad days – just learn to ride the bad days out and stay committed.

Power To Quit

Some people feel that they naturally have a sweet tooth, almost a pre-disposition to desiring junk. Sure, we all crave it at times but to try and justify it by believing it is your genetics telling you, that you NEED it is crazy. If you are going to make headway you need the ability to sack this mental attitude and accept that junk food is a treat, and that you have to earn it. Telling yourself you deserve it because you have had a hard day or you are low on energy is nonsense; a healthy diet will sort you out.

Influenced By Social Groups

Everyone will have friends and family members who will tell them it is pointless or that they should live a ‘’balanced’’ lifestyle (true, but most people’s ‘’balance’’ lifestyle means one healthy day = week off). Mentally, you have to have the ability to say no to these people without cutting them out of your life.

Checklist done, do you have what it takes to take the leap?

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