Chronicles Of Average Joe - Enjoying Junk Food!

This week’s chronicles of ‘’average Joe’’ is going to focus and address on the topic of ‘’cheating’’ and how people misinterpret this as well as how people can utilise it properly to remain coherent to a programme in the long run.

Client: I have been reading about top fitness models and bodybuilders in regards to their cheat days, I love the idea of this! Some of them get to eat thousands of calories a day and stay lean, can I do this?

AG: Initially the average Joe cannot, a lot of these fitness models have a luxury on their side, partly earned, partly genetic. Insulin sensitivity which has come from being lean for a considerable period of time.

Client: So you are saying in order to ‘’survive’’ these kind of binges I would need to be very lean and have been lean for some time?

AG: Yep! For guys, sub 10% body fat and for ladies around 16% body fat.

Client: Does this mean I cannot cheat at all and have to forgo cheat food until I have been lean for some time?

AG: Absolutely not. You are able to enjoy some of your favourite foods as a treat, normally once a week unless your insulin sensitivity is completely shot (mainly obese people, or getting that way). The trick is to use moderation, enjoy just one ‘’free meal’’ and maybe a dessert as well. What you don’t want to do is have 3 or 4 meals worth of calories in one sitting, telling yourself it is all one meal. YES, people do it and stay in shape but these guys have been in shape for sometimes or they carry mountains of muscle, again affording them a luxury most of us just don’t have.

Client: OK, so fish and chips followed by ice cream on a Saturday night is OK if I have been religious for the rest of the week?

AG: Exactly, something along those lines. For sure, if you can stick to a clean carb meal then do so but when the temptation is too much, this is fine. One word of warning, make sure you really hydrate yourself because foods like this tend to have very high sodium levels and will dehydrate you, leaving you with a mouth full of sand by midnight!

Client: OK – I am on it!

AG: Enjoy it if you have worked for it!

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