Chronicles Of Average Jane!

Average Joes the world over make mistakes in the gym, I have, you have and the problem doesn’t necessarily lie there – it sits with education, or the lack of it and the lack of desire to learn. Today’s ‘’chronicles of average Jane’’ addresses female clients and the wide array of misconceptions they have been led to believe by glossy magazine covers.

Client: I was reading the other day about how running is my best chance to lose weight, so you agree? AG: For weight loss, maybe – for optimised body composition which is what everyone is after, no! Client: Why do you say that?

AG: Simply put it encourages the body (in most cases, especially women) to shed muscle tone (which creates curves and a firm body) and can make certain areas harder to lose body fat.

Client: So what would you suggest?

AG: Carefully planned weight’s circuit, 3 times a week for 45 minutes, rest periods of 60 seconds between sets and cycling your rep range over 3 weeks.

Client: Won’t I get bulky?

AG: Highly unlikely, how many men do you see swinging weights around in the gym and they fail to get bulky. On average, a lady has around 10% of the testosterone a man has – with that said you don’t have the hormone profiles to get ‘’bulky’’ unless you have extreme genetics for size!

Client: Why weights?

AG: Great question, glad you asked! When you weight train it stimulates a range of hormone responses which will eventually lead to better overall body composition. Increased lean muscle mass (toned look, not big!) and body fat reduction. It also helps you increase your strength which is NOT linear with size.

Client: I don’t care about being strong; I just want to look like those girls on the front of the magazine.

AG: Fitness magazines I hope, not fashion models – that’s easy, just don’t eat!! Strength is good for long term health, it helps keep your joints healthy by supporting them and it helps keep your hormone levels in check for optimised fat loss.

Client: Ok you have kind of convinced me to give it a go!

AG: Great! Try this for 6 weeks, no cardio and I bet you have improved your body composition – fiver?

Client: You’re on! Should I not be eating certain foods though?

AG: That is for another day – for now stick to these fundamental rules with your diet for the next 6 weeks.

Eliminate sugars

Eat 5-6 palm sized portions of protein (different meats/fish/eggs)

Stick to fibrous carbohydrates

Have a handful of healthy fats with each meal (nuts/avocado/seeds)

Drink plenty of water!

Client: That is it?

AG: Try it, let’s catch up next week!

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