Chronicles Of Average Jane - ''Weight Loss''

This week’s ‘’chronicles of average Jane’’ focuses on a hotly debated topic, common amongst women in relation to fitness. This topic is of course, ‘’weight loss.’’

Client: All I want to do is shed a stone; this will give me the look I desire. Can you help?

AG: Sure can, but I am intrigued to learn how you KNOW after a net loss of 14lbs you will achieve the aesthetics you so dearly crave?

Client: In the magazines it said that it should equate to at least 1, maybe 2 dress sizes.

AG: OK, that is great. BUT and this is a big BUT, no pun intended – there is a massive, and I mean massive difference between weight loss and body recomposition!

Client: Body recomp what?

AG: I thought so! The way you look and the way your body appears has no relation to your weight. I will give you an example. Recently a client of mine dropped a whopping (sarcasm) 1kg over 12 weeks, yet his waist was 2 inches smaller, his measurements in the right areas (keep it clean – arms, chest and so on) went up. That is body recomposition, a change in physical make up. Weight loss merely means the scales read less. Which sounds better?

Client: The body recomp thingy one.

AG: Of course it does! The thing is, weight loss doesn’t really make sense. Yes, a lot of the time people lose weight and it is for the better. However, if you focus on recomposition the loss you desire (body fat) will take care of it itself. Not only that you will look a lot better for it, your legs, bum and tum will be nice and firm. Every girl’s dream right!?

Client: Yes!! How do I go about this then?

AG: Brace yourself, I am going to say something crazy.

Client: Go on. . .

AG: Not so much time on the treadmill and cross-trainer, lift some weights and eat regularly! (I almost hear you scream ‘’say what’’ as I uttered those words).

Client: Why?

AG: Weights will help burn more calories around the clock, weights will increase your lean muscle tone, eating regularly will help with thermogenesis and stabilise blood sugar levels, suppressing the possibility of cravings.

Client: Interesting - would you be so kind as to write me out a plan?

AG: Do you want my card details? Maybe next week we will cover that!!

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