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Anybody worth their salt in the gym world will probably have something to say about shoulder injuries – it is the most commonly affected area within the human body when it comes to irritation caused by training. There is no guaranteeing perfect form preceded by comprehensive warm ups will stop this from happening either. On occasions it would appear there is no good reason as to why shoulder injuries occur other than wear and tear. In stark contrast there is the theory and opinion that taking care of your rotor cuffs with a workout of their own you will drastically improve the chances of sustaining good shoulder health. This is something we at FitMag subscribe to on the basis that any muscle has the ability to become stronger and therefore more stable.

Before we delve into the ‘’how’’ let’s analyse the rotor cuff and the function it serves. The rotor cuff basically comprises of four small muscles which act as a stabilisation unit to the shoulder joint.

As we said above, strengthening the muscles can therefore help strengthen the rotator cuff and therefore improve its ability to withstand pressure applied from resistance. The reason it is essential to train your rotor cuffs specifically is because when you train heavy to stimulate hypertrophy within your deltoids for pectoral muscles with pressing movements the tension is generally too excessive forcing the target muscle groups to take over.

By utilising the exercises below with extremely light weight (don’t think general hypertrophy training here, but specific muscle stimulation) you are able isolate the 4 small muscles within the rotator cuff efficiently.

Using the following 3 exercises twice a week for 15 minutes each time you can really enhance your shoulder health and longevity.

Internal Cable Rotation X 4 15-20

External Cable Rotation X 4 15-20

Reverse Dumbbell Rotation X 4 15-20

If you are yet to experience any form of shoulder injury the chances are you are young. Do not; we repeat do NOT think that it won’t happen because there is a great chance some kind of shoulder issue will arise at some point in the future if you train with weights regularly. Take our advice, learn from our experience and take precautions now to ensure that your shoulder joints have the best chance possible in sustaining their health. Of course, your overall strength should benefit from this simply because the stabilisation within the shoulder joint will improve.

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