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How to get ‘’big’’ is the question on the lips of every beginner to the weight training world. There are snippets of information out there which give you a degree of insight into what it takes to build a physique, a real man’s physique. However, transforming yourself from a mediocre boy to a testosterone fuelled man takes real effort on all fronts, it isn’t something you can leave to your genetics to take care of – they may not be as generous as the iron. The frontiers of mass building include eating properly, not like an infant with no appetite, training like a warrior not a cardio warrior and using the right supplements! All of these things are something which we are going to go over in a 3 part series – today we will discuss nutrition, the kingpin in any man’s arsenal who bears a head turning physique.

Nutrition – The Overview

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that without the correct diet your efforts in the gym will yield minimal results, if any at all. Before you get into specific individualised diets there are basic protocols which iron warriors have lived by for decades with great success.

1.5g of protein per pound of lean body weight (if you’re 15% body or less then total body weight)

1.5-3g of complex carbohydrates per pound of lean body weight (if you’re 15% body or less then total body weight)

Eating every 3 hours (never skip meals)

Eat more calories than you burn (MUST!)

These are very simple rules but ones which have for generations served the very vest physiques in the world!

Skipping meals is a big ‘’no no’’ you want to ensure your amino acid pools remain full and this means eating regularly, every 3 hours in fact.


Protein is your source of amino acids and there are 21 of these, 12 non-essential and 9 essential for human beings. Eating a diet rich in a variation of protein sources will help ensure you get a good cross-section of both types of amino acids. Eating the stated quantity of protein helps us recover properly, and then grow. Remember you cannot grow if you have not recovered properly, this process always follows the same order and will never change. Without recovery there is no growth! Aim to eat 3 different sources of protein a day for example, chicken, salmon and eggs.

Complex Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are an energy source, that’s all. It is no secret that to gain size you should utilise carbohydrates especially post-workout to brace the effect they have on insulin, and their anti-catabolic effects. It is best to take in low GI carbohydrates throughout the day opposed to higher GI to sustain constant blood sugar levels leading to better energy levels. The type 2b fast twitch fibres utilise glycogen for energy (only pathway for ATP metabolisation) and these carbohydrates are of course easily converted to glycogen by the body. Post-workout you want a higher GI carbohydrate to help drive insulin levels up and replenish muscle glycogen levels.


Fats are your friends, especially during a bulk. Eating a range of fats (bar hydrogenated fats) enables the body to produce anabolic hormones such as testosterone freely, lubricate the joints and enhance cognitive function. However, fats are essential on a bulk due to their calorie density – at 9 calories per gram of fat, in contrast to a mere 4 calories from protein or carbohydrates they offer a supreme way to get down calories to hit your daily quota! Digestive Performance With all of this food going down you need to ensure your body is digesting it effectively, absorbing all of the macro and micronutrients. To aid digestion fibre becomes your friend which means indulging in plenty of greens throughout the day. Even fruit including berries and apples are excellent sources of fibre. To finish the deal, start your day off with pineapple at breakfast to get bromelain in, a digestive enzyme which promotes the assimilation of protein.


It is essential to eat more calories than you are burning in order to gain size, fast. Eating 18-22 calories per pound of lean body weight as a beginner is a great place to start!

There are the basics outlined for a complete novice looking to make the transition from gym enthusiast to gym monster. Keep a close eye out for the NEW MonsterSupplements Mass Guide which is totally FREE of charge to our customers!

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