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Many people have asked me ‘’don’t you ever get bored with the gym - how do you keep yourself motivated?’’  I must admit sometimes it’s not easy because I could find a millions excuses to not go to the gym and instead just stuff myself with chocolate! Especially as its winter and there being no need to take my top off. However there are two things which always keep me on track – these are my short and long term goals.  Goal setting is an effective way to keep you on track. Just think going to the gym without a goal and plan is like jumping into a car with no direction or destination; you will probably end up going nowhere. However if you have a plan and a goal, you will get to your goal faster and you will be more motivated because you know you are on track getting closer towards your goal every single day. It’s also important to make sure that the short and long term goal are both achievable.

I often use the SMARTER technique to help stay on track and remain motivated.

SPECIFIC – Goals should always be specific! For example if your goal is to gain size, you need to make sure you’re not in a calorie deficit and doing specific training for size i.e. not jogging!!

MEASURABLE- Goals should be measurable, because if a goal isn’t measurable, it would be hard to track how well you are doing compared to your last time. For example, measuring your body fat now and measuring it again after two months to see how you have progressed.

ATTAINABLE- this means to set a goal which is the most important to you and figure out ways you can make them come true. Goals that may seem impossible to achieve and out of reach eventually will move closer and become attainable. This doesn’t mean your goals have shrunk but instead it means you have grown and become better to match the standard of your goals. When you list yourself a long term goal, it may seem impossible right now but trust me with time and being consistent you will build your confidence, you will see yourself becoming a better person and moving closer to them goals every day.

REALISTIC - when setting a goal, you should always make sure it’s realistic, because if the goal is too difficult, you will probably fail to achieve it which could put you down and become demotivated when you are constantly seeing yourself as a failure. For example if you set yourself a goal from 18 stone to get down to 12 stones in 5 weeks, the chances are 0%! However if your goal was to lose 4 lbs. in two weeks, even if you don’t achieve it, you know you’re getting closer which makes it more achievable for next time and if you achieved it then you will be motivated to set a goal again because you are seeing results rather than constantly seeing yourself as a failure and not even getting close to your target.

TIMED - a goal should always place on a realistic time frame; I’ve heard so many people thinking if they drink couple of protein shakes every day they will gain muscle like Jay Cutler. If that was the truth, everyone around the street would be in great shape and ripped but the truth is not many people are and so many of those people go on ‘’yo yo’’ diets, blaming their lack of progress on the shake. Rather saying to yourself I am going to become a pro bodybuilder in two months, set yourself a realistic time and be consistent like I want to be a pro in five years times instead and set small goals throughout the year which are achievable.

ENJOYABLE - it’s important to make sure your session is enjoyable to help you achieve your goal and also to keep motivated. For example if you were doing the same training session for the whole year you will probably get bored, but on the other hand if you mixed your training up like doing a Y3T training session or DTP or just something you enjoy doing, the more chances you will want to do it. The same goal with diet, there are so many diets out there these days, you just have to find what you enjoy the most and what works the best and most importantly the one that you could stick with long term. Let’s be honest, if you don’t enjoy something, the chances you are not going to stick to it.

REWARDED - by rewarding yourself you will really help your motivation levels. This can help you psychology big time. I am not talking about having fish and chips after a gym session every day. Training hard and dieting can be quite hard sometimes, over a period of time you might find yourself losing motivation so by having one reward/cheat meal once or twice every week, it can help your mind thinking you’re in a diet zone all the time and it gives you something to look forward to.  A cheat meal is often something I like to have to on a Sunday which allows me to relax, spend time with friends and family to enjoy a nice meal together and keep my head focussed for the rest of the week.

There are so many advantages to be had using goal setting! However if you don’t use the SMARTER technique correctly you could find yourself losing motivation really quickly. I have used this technique to help me since the start of this year to really help to achieve my goals. My goal at the start off this year was just to get into shape for the summer. Now I hit that goal I want to move on and gain some size, an aspect of my physique I feel is a weakness. At the age of 21 I have already been able to inspire many people which was a really long term goal for me, so it has really made me happy!! Set goals, smash them and set more!

This was my transformation, all achieved using SMARTER!

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