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The true mark of a muscle bound chap is the ability to portray size without showing flesh, or much at least and avoiding a t-shirt which is at least 3 age gaps too small! Tell-tale signs would be a dominating v-taper and of course vascular forearms with dense slabs of muscled beef slapped around them. With the inevitable flood of ‘’mass’’ enthusiasts making their way to gym entrances across the country the question we want to ask is, do you need to train forearms or not? Yes & no is the answer, of course.

The Argument For

There have been several compelling arguments made which illustrate the importance of training your forearms. The two most common ones which carry the most punch are being able to handle more weight during bicep movements leading better overall bicep growth and secondly enhanced grip strength, leading to better lifts generally on back movements. Great! There is no doubting these two points would benefit all of us. However, the point to consider is that if you are training biceps properly with good form and back with heavy lifting without the aid of straps shouldn’t your forearms develop on their own? Many would say yes and when you consider many top athletes with caveman like forearm development don’t even flex their hands in a wrist curl motion once a year, it begs the question – is it really necessary?

The Argument Against

The argument against forearm training lies across the same two points outlined above. The suggested issues are that by training and fatiguing your forearms during the week your back and bicep workouts will suffer, leading to the need for wrist straps. Again, this is a valid point.

What Shall I Do?

That very question is where the answer lies within, it is all about YOU! If you already have a strapping set of forearms and your grip strength is impressive at worst, and to top it off you have a pair of protein guzzling biceps to complete the set I would say, don’t worry about it. If your situation is one of contrast, you have poorly developed forearms, you struggle to grip bars with any real commandment and your biceps grow about as well as a pair of hen’s legs on the calf press machine you need to train them!


Try the following forearm routine at the end of each bicep workout for 12 weeks and see if you can’t add an inch to your forearms. Bench wrist curls & bench reverse wrist curls X 8 15-20 reps per exercise That is the conclusion, will you be training forearms this winter?

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