5 Steps To A New You - Leaving The Old You Behind

besity is a problem which simply isn’t going away and with the current government RDA (recommended daily allowance) macronutrient guidelines in place it probably won’t. Whilst there are a myriad of tricks and tips you can apply to accelerate fat loss, there is no replacement for basic changes on a foundation level. For people who are heavily overweight or obese, making these basic yet extremely effective changes really could become life changing with the right level of commitment attached. For those of whom it may concern, what small changes could you make?

Here are 5 very easy steps to a healthier, slimmer you.

Bad Carbohydrates Sugary foods and processed carbohydrate such as fruit squash, fizzy drinks, sweets, white bread, pizza, energy bars, cereals and the likes of need to hit the ‘’banned list’’ pretty sharpish. All of these types of foods will have a negative effect on your insulin levels, forcing them up and when you consider insulin is a ‘’storage’’ hormone this is not ideal. You want to ‘’burn’’, not ‘’store!’’ Based on a recent study done on the effects on carbohydrates, you could do worse than to stick to complex carbohydrates (healthier options such as long grain rice included) post-exercise, and no other times.


Much of the content within today’s media will attack and outlaw the use of fats within your diet, craziness! Healthy fat sources think coconut oil, organic natural butter, nuts, seeds, lean meat, oily fish, organic whole eggs and the likes of are bursting with goodness. The fats they contain help lower bad cholesterol (LDL), promote fat oxidisation and they also act as a fantastic energy source (improving cognitive function).


Eating a diet rich in lean protein source along with healthy fats is almost certain to promote better overall body composition for the average over weight person. Not only does protein help with muscle recovery and growth (a desired effect for fat loss – muscle is metabolically active, hello calorie furnace) it also helps improve insulin health by controlling blood sugar levels.


If you have led an unhealthy life it is likely that your digestive system won’t be as efficient as it could be. Fibre will certainly help improve this and it will help your body process your new diet, which is essential for optimal health and overall body recomposition.


Following a diet loaded with sodium and cheap sugars will dehydrate the body, staying hydrated isn’t only imperative for health but it also helps with body recomposition. Simply put, it allows the body to transport nutrients around the body.

Making these 5 basic changes to your eating habits will inevitably improve your overall body composition and health – if you are overweight or even obese, it is time to take the plunge!

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