Using Higher Repetitions - How and Why?

In the same way everyone seems to follow the age old ‘’chicken and rice’’ style diet, most people will subscribe to the ‘’8-12’’ repetition range for muscle mass. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with this at FitMag we believe that being a little more sophisticated with your training can lead to better results. With that said we are going to discuss the benefits of training in a slightly different repetition range and then give you a week’s worth of training to try out!

Muscle Fibre Populations

Each and every one of us will have varying percentages of each muscle fibre type (3 in total) which means that training within one repetition range all of the time isn’t necessarily the best way forward. To help hit the slow twitch muscle fibres within your muscles groups raising your repetition range and shortening the rest periods will help do this with great effect!

Fat Loss

Using a higher repetition range in itself doesn’t necessarily mean better fat loss, however the nature of higher rep training allows you to keep the heart rate up, especially when you combine it with short rest periods.

Blood Volumisation

One of the key fundamental elements of forcing muscle growth is to flush nutrient rich blood into the muscle. This also helps stretch out the fascia leading to greater elasticity which in theory allows for more room to house new muscle tissue. Higher repetition training has a reputation for delivering insane pumps.

Injury Prevention

One of the benefits of using higher reps for a week is that the ability to sustain maximum intensity remains however the weight you are shifting becomes less leading to less stress on the connective tissues. With the positives outlined below we are going to share a week’s worth of training with slightly higher repetitions. Enjoy!

Back & Biceps

Wide grip pulldowns X 5 15-20 Single arm dumbbell rows X 5 15-20 Seated cable rows X 5 15-20 Straight arm pulldowns X 5 20-25 Seated dumbbell curls X 3 15-20 Close grip barbell curls X 3 15-20 Concentration curls X 2 20-25

Chest & Triceps

Incline dumbbell press X 4 15-20 Decline barbell press X 4 15-20 Flat cable flies X 4 20-25 Dips X 3 20-25 Straight bar pushdowns X 3 15-20 Overhead EZ bar extensions X 3 15-20 Dumbbell kickbacks X 2 15-20

Shoulders & Calves

Dumbbell press X 4 15-20 Side lateral raises X 4 20-25 Reverse pec dec flies X 4 20-25 Upright rows X 3 15-20 Dumbbell shrugs X 3 15-20 Standing calf raises X 4 15-20 Seated calf raises X 4 20-25


Leg press X 5 25-30 Leg extensions X 5 15-20 Lying leg curls X 5 15-20 Dumbbell lunges X 3 20-25

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