1 Hour To A Fit Body - Circuit Style

They say that time is of the essence, more than ever today in a world which is fuelled by time keeping, money and commercial actions. People are basically sacrificing their health in the aid of their career, making exercise and healthy eating an absolute bottom of the pile priority. We can sit and debate why you should change your ways but the truth is you probably won’t if you already fit this bill. The importance of a successful career, understandably will probably always sit on poll position in the priority rank alongside your loved ones. However, just for 5 minutes please hear me out. All I ask for is an hour of your time, once a week! That is right, 3 short sharp bursts a week, preferably spread out through the week. Not convinced? Here is exactly why doing 3 circuits a week, 20 minutes long can and will almost certainly improve your body composition!

Calorie Furnace

Picture a wood burner with the doors wide open as you toss a load of logs on to the fire, you are fuelling the reaction right!? With these circuits the same can be said, you are creating an environment within your body where calorie burning becomes easier. Research shows after circuit training your post-oxygen debt is heightened causing higher calorie expenditure for up to 24 hours. All from 20 minutes work!

Preferential Hormone Reaction

If you train hard enough with the right equipment you are able to improve insulin sensitivity, in a lot of cases. As a result this means that your body becomes more efficient at burning opposed to storing! This is usually achieved with a circuit which contains some form of resistance i.e. weights.

More Muscle

For those of you, who have always sheepishly walked past the weights area of a gym, do not panic. Training in this fashion will not cause you to wake up next week looking like Mr Olympia, or even 10% like it! Instead it will help improve muscle tone, which in turn gives you a firmer look. From a fat loss perspective it also means your body will use more calories without actually doing anything because muscle is metabolically active.

There are a few simple reasons why, even for the most devout ‘’jobs worth’’ getting in 3 20 minute circuits each week will help immensely. The Plan Let’s keep it extremely simple, repeat this circuit three times a week!

Each exercise done for 30 seconds

60 seconds between each circuit

5 circuits


Press ups

Overhead press

Body squats



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