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That time of the month again where we bring to you somebody who has committed themselves to transforming their physique! This month's winner does not dissapoint, ladies and gentlemen - Jared Riki!

At the beginning of his transformation Jared was pushing 120kg - most men at the height of 5 10'' would be over weight yet Jared appeared fairly solid which we can put down to his amazing mauri genetics! Check out those calves!

The training Jared used was a hybrid of Y3T & DTP training with the focus on heavy lifting  to compliment his natural muscle density, combined with extremely high intense high repetition training to help improve conditioning.

In regards to food Jared was on a high protein, high fat diet with limited carbs during the post-workout ''anabolic window'' - this worked a treat.

Being a loyal customer Jared used a comprehensive supplement stack which included Anabolic Designs Shredabull, PhD BCAAs, PhD Diet Whey and Reflex Omega 3s.

The result? A loss of nearly 15kg in 12 weeks, an increase in strength, stamina and overall improved health. Amazing work Jared, well done from Team Monster!

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