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The term ‘’yo-yo dieting’’ describes an extremely common problem among the health and fitness world, in simple terms it means to go from one extreme to the next – ultra healthy, terribly bad! We have all been there, after a week’s dieting we set out to reward ourselves with a cheat meal, which turns into an evening and before you know it the whole weekend becomes one uncontrolled binge. In short, you are probably undoing most if not all of your hard work – not just because you have had one cheat meal (this is generally OK if you are not trying to get insanely lean) but because of a whole host of other reasons. If this sounds like you, Mr or Mrs Strict for 5 days then ‘’eat what I want’’ on the weekend it is time to change – don’t believe us? Read on. . .

Insulin Sensitivity

Don’t get it twisted, insulin sensitivity isn’t only relevant to fat loss, oh no far from it!! To build any amount of muscle mass on a consistent basis you want your insulin response to be good because after all, this helps transport the nutrients to the cell where they are then dispersed within the muscle. This is a fundamental part of building a physique as well as keeping body fat levels ‘’acceptable’’ – avoiding massive binges is the key to this. Lots of junk foods rich in processed carbohydrates can severely blunt insulin sensitivity.

Amino Acid Feed

To sustain an anabolic environment around the clock should be the goal for all of us wanting to improve overall body composition. When you lose the structure of your day by having a ‘’free for all’’ binge you will in all likelihood miss meals, leading a lack of protein and therefore a lack in amino acids. Considering amino acids are the building blocks of our muscle tissue this will almost certainly have a negative impact on your ability to repair damaged muscle fibres from your week’s training, let alone build new muscle tissue.


Let’s face it, a pig out means eating all the lovely food you hate to love full of sugar and sodium or in other words a mastermind combo when it comes to dehydrating the human body. Too much sodium or sugar will rob the muscles of water which is massively detrimental to muscle health when you consider it is 70% water. It can take up to 3 days to properly recover from dehydration which means your first 2 or 3 workouts of the week will be lagging, not great! The list goes on, but these points surely hammer home the importance of maintaining a proper control on your weekend’s right?

Having a cheat meal, preferably something clean without preservatives such as homemade cottage pie, steak and chips or something along those lines is fine – even when it is followed by a homemade dessert or maybe ice cream. However once you have indulged get right back on track, no more messing around with unhealthy snacks throughout the day or missing meals. This is called getting the balance right!

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