The Relationship Between Carbohydrate GI & Insulin - Does It Matter?

There is an ever growing divide in the fitness world today, is insulin sensitivity really such a big deal? Some say ‘’YES’’ as where others, such as those who subscribe to the ‘’If It Fits Your Macros’’ protocol believe not. At FitMag we do believe it is important; however we wanted to see what Nick Mitchell thought. Just in case, as a pre-qualification Nick is regarded as the number one body transformation specialist in the UK & Europe bar none. The results he, and his team of trainers at Ultimate Performance achieve is literally quite outstanding.

So, Nick what do you think?

Is carb GI (glycemic index, higher the GI score the more insulin secreted) relevant to fat loss?

Yes.  You want level (not necessarily zero) insulin levels for effective blood sugar management and the best possible fat loss environment.  So lower GI is usually better other than post-workout. Do bear in mind how much fibre can affect the insulin load however, as faster acting carbs with a higher fibre meal will pretty much have the same impact as just consuming low GI foods and minimal fibre.

Is the timing of carb intake relevant to fat loss?

Yes!  You want high cortisol when training to promote fat loss.  Carbs raise insulin levels, and insulin mitigates cortisol, therefore insulin levels should be as low as possible prior to any activity that you want to help promote fat loss.

How important is it to control insulin levels for fat loss?

See above.  It is of crucial importance.

Seems pretty conclusive then, the consumption of carbohydrates, the timing of them and the variety of carbohydrates is absolutely relevant to maximising body recomposition results. Thank you, Nick. #

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