Sian Toal - Achieving Success On Stage!

Well, Sunday was the day I'd been building up to for the past 16 weeks. The UKBFF qualifier came round very quickly in the end but I was ready.... I qualified in 2nd place at the UKBFF Kent Klassic for the finals at the Sportex festival in Manchester. I've had such amazing support in the process, as well as on the day, which helped me achieve what I set out to achieve. There are so many to thank, so  I have done so personally to each one!!

What it all comes down to is; setting yourself a goal, starting a plan and following it through, dealing with low days and fighting your way out of them, discovering and learning about yourself and how you deal with things. Consistency and perseverance will always outweigh crash dieting and panic. However, it benefits to give yourself that time and take the negative pressure off yourself. Whatever it is your setting out to achieve, it's important to visualise, plan and stay true to a positive attitude in your training, nutrition, personal life and relationships. Achieving goals will give you a quality like you've never felt before. Whether you're dreaming big or small, wanting to run a marathon or just to eat breakfast everyday, keep pushing and learning one day at a time.

This was my goal, winning my trophy!

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