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It doesn’t get much bigger than this physically speaking! Rob Terry is a world wrestling superstar under the brand name, TNA Impact and is regarded as the biggest drug free bodybuilder in the world. In fact there are very few athletes in the world that would out size Rob, so what does it take to achieve a physique of this stature in both size and strength? No longer do we have to wonder, FitMag has an exlusive interview with the man himself.

Rob, thank you very much for agreeing to join us for the interview. We are all very excited to learn about your journey, past and present.

My pleasure, Adam.

To get us going, what came first between bodybuilding and wrestling?

Well technically bodybuilding came first, as I started very young at the age of 13. It was just as a supplement to all sporting activities I was into at the time.  However, even at that time professional wrestling was already a factor in my life.  I would see those huge “super hero” like men on TV battle each week. I looked up to them and wanted to be like them.  Little did I know then that it would be the bodybuilding that would be the catalyst bringing me to the wrestling arena later on in my life.

Can you tell us how you first got into weight training?

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed participating in sports. I played rugby and football for my schools youth team, then I went on to represent my local town and district. I also played basketball and tennis. I was also very interested in all arts of self-defence.  I enrolled in classes in Karate, Kickboxing and Judo and represented my school and local areas in Athletics every year. It was at the age of 13 that I was first introduced to the weights room to help me advance in all the sports and activities I took part in. It was at this time that I found myself getting more and more fascinated by the thought of building and strengthening my body. It wasn't too long afterwards that working out became more of a priority than all the other sports I had previously been involved in.

What was your goal, size, strength??

Both! My goal was always to build a strong and proportional looking physique, one that had the strength to equal its look. In the early 90's there were so many inspirational figures, from professional wrestlers to movie star action heroes that all had the size and strength and were always able to get the job done. That was always my vision.

When was your first competition as a natural bodybuilder?

My first ever contest was at the age of 18 at the EFBB (English Federation of Body Building) Welsh Championships in Port Talbot Civic Centre, Wales UK. I was a junior at the time, but I also competed at the first timers Novice class. I decided to compete at the intermediate Novice class, and was very nervous and apprehensive about competing, as all the competitors at the show looked in tremendous shape. It was only then when my name was called last that I realised that I had won both the classes I had enrolled in and I immediately got the competitive bug and couldn't wait to do my next show.

When was it you become the ''world's biggest natural bodybuilder'' as you are known?

After establishing myself as a Natural bodybuilder in the UK, I then set my sights on the USA where I competed in the heavyweights in 2003, 2004 and 2006. It was in 2006 that I won the heavyweight division and gained professional status at the “Musclemania” World Championship where the world’s best bodybuilders compete. I was continually made aware that there was nobody else that had every competed as a natural bodybuilder at 6'5”, and at a contest weight of 275lbs. I believe that is still the case today.


What inspired you to stay natural in a world where using ''extra-curricular'' substances is common?

Thinking back, after only training for about 2-3 years I had made such significant and dramatic gains that people who saw me would often jump to conclusions and accuse me of taking substances. Knowing that I hadn't built a fire inside and made me want to get even bigger, naturally, just to show them and prove to myself that it was possible. When I started competing, I had made such dramatic gains as a natural bodybuilder it made me want to continue to see how far I could push my body.. Naturally. I am extremely proud as I continue to do so today, and doing so has opened doors and opportunities that would probably not be there if I had done things differently.

Often, when people get to know me, they always ask how I achieved such a colossal physique. The answer to that is a relentless drive and determination to achieve how I envisioned my look. Secondly, but probably most importantly, being blessed with the most incredible and amazing unique genetics passed down from my family.

What are your measurements, impress us!

Height 6'5

Current weight 295lbs

Arms 22"

Chest 62"

Thighs 31"

Waist 36"

Calves 21"

Neck 20"

I don’t recall talking to an IFBB Pro, bar Zack Khan with measurements like this! What style of training did you use, volume, HIIT?

Yes, I like to use a lot of volume training. Generally, I hit one major body part a day. Then sometimes, I will also implement a smaller body part into the workout, like abs, forearms, neck and calves. The key factor for me is all about the intensity of the workout. The second I step foot in the gym, warm up, and stretch I am ready to go. My intensity goes through the roof from the first, to the last rep. I try to lift as heavy as I can, with excellent form and with a rep range of 8-12. The only exception, maybe, are leg presses or abs, where my rep count would be in the 20-30's. Below is a basic example of a chest routine:

Stretch - 5 minutes

Machine chest press - X 3 warm up sets, 3 X 10 - 12

Incline barbell press - X 2 warm up sets, 3 X 10 - 12

Hammer strength incline press - X 2 warm up sets, 3 X 10 – 12

Smith Machine flat bench press - X 2 warm up sets, 3 X 10-12

Hammer Decline Press X 2 warm up sets, 3 X 10-12

Cable crossovers (Low and mid-range) 1 warm up set, 4 X 10-12




I understand your pretty strong, what are some of your biggest lifts?

Leg Press 1605lbs (729.5kg) X 15

Squat 635lbs (288kg) X 5

Flat Bench Press 585lbs (266kg) X 2

Deadlift 765lbs (347kg) x 1

Curl 290lbs (131kg) X 1

Overhead Press 365lbs (165kg) X 2

STRONG! What would be your biggest tips to others looking to gain size and strength?

My biggest tip for others looking to gain size and strength would be to first of all to look into your diet and make sure your eating enough good clean foods so that your body has the fuel to get stronger and get bigger. Secondly, there are so many routines and different styles of training, that it is really important to figure out what works best for your body type and commit to that style of training 100%, with maximum intensity. So many people read, or hear of new routines and change up their routines every week and don't give them a chance to work. Just stick to one, give it enough time for it to work for you, and give it all you got.

Now you’re a TNA Impact superstar how has your training changed?

Now that I am in TNA Impact Wrestling, the one thing that has not changed is my style of training. As I still train now the way that I did when I first started bodybuilding, because it has always worked for me. The one thing that has changed is that now I lead a very hectic schedule and it can be hard sometimes to train as frequent as I do when I am not travelling on the road. So I often find myself locating 24hr gyms and training at crazy times of night, or early hours of the morning.

How do you manage to stay in great shape with such a hectic schedule?

As I mentioned in the previous question, having a very busy schedule it is important to plan ahead to establish where the nearest workout facilities are located. But more than that, I still adopt the bodybuilding mentality, where I cook my foods in advance and bring the foods with me on the road. Failing that if I am out of the country and I am unable to carry food at the airport etc, it is really important for me to make good choices while ordering out.

In regards to nutrition what kind of diet do you follow?

In terms of my nutrition, I discovered in the early stages of my bodybuilding career that my body responds extremely well to high amounts of complex carbs in small meals, frequently throughout the day. My main source of carbs comes from brown rice, sweet potato, whole wheat pasta and oatmeal. Proteins generally come from lean cuts of steak, chicken breast and fish followed by a variety of vegetables for fibre.

How important is a good diet?

I frequently get asked what supplements do I take, and my answer to that is shouldn't you be asking what my diet is? Because so many people underestimate how important it is to have a solid, well balanced nutritional plan. For me, it is the difference between looking good and looking great! A great diet reflects a great physique. Supplements are extremely important when used at the right times, but nevertheless, supplements are only a supplement to a great diet.

What would be a typical day's eating for you?

Meal 1 one cup of oatmeal with raisins and a banana steak and 6 egg whites

Meal 2 Sweet potato with broccoli and 2 chicken breasts

Meal 3 Brown rice green beans and 2 chicken breasts

Meal 4 Pre training Steamed hash browns with ground turkey 1 serving of “Neurocore” with Glutamine

Meal 5 Post training 2 servings of Cell-Tech HC PS or 2 servings of “Myobuild” with Glutamine and 2 servings of Nitro Isolate 65 Meal

6 Whole wheat pasta, Tilapia and Broccoli Meal

7 Six Star Casein Protein with almonds and cashew nuts.

Do you enjoy a binge, if so do you go crazy?

Definitely! I love food and food loves me! I try not to go crazy though. Generally, once a week, my gorgeous wife and I pick one of our favourite restaurants to dine at. Favourites are a really good Italian, Chinese or Indian Cuisine.

With supplement use, what are your staple supplements?

I am very proud and honoured to be a “Muscletech” sponsored athlete since 2009. I use their full range of supplements. However my favourites are Nitro Isolate 65, Cell Tech Hardcore Pro Series, MYO Build and Nano Stim.

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How important are these to you? These are very important to my training and nutrition, and when used at the right times, for example before and after training, the supplements provide massive amounts of energy, mental stimulation and a prolonged muscle endurance. Also using them after the workout provides my body with rapid recovery and muscle building properties. Other than that, carrying my supplements with me on the road makes it easy to get my body’s nutritional requirements whilst travelling and on the go.

What are the top 3 supplements you feel any beginner should utilise? I think a beginner would be good to start out with a protein powder, and a post workout carb powder followed by a good multivitamin.

Moving on, how did you get into pro wrestling?

Since a very young age I was a fan of wrestling, and as I got older I realized this was something I really wanted to do. I didn't know how to go about applying to audition to become a professional wrestler so I just sent a self-produced audition tape to an American Wrestling Federation, in the hope that I would be able to get a try out. Unfortunately at the time, I didn't hear anything back from them, so decided to continue Bodybuilding. This culminated in 2006, in me achieving my goal of becoming a Professional Natural Bodybuilder in a global event staged in Hollywood California.  It was at that very show that I was approached by a talent scout for a major wrestling organization in America. They said that they were very impressed with my physique and that I looked like, and had the presence of being, a professional wrestler. This proved to be my opportunity to move to America and start my wrestling training. Then in 2009, to further my wrestling career, I was approached by TNA to have a "try out." This proved to be successful and I had my debut on 30 April 2009 being a member of the Wrestling fraction called the "British Invasion".

Was it something you always strived for, or did it come out of nowhere?

Yes it was something that I strived for, but in the end, it also came out of nowhere at the right time.

What was it like moving from Wales to America?

It was very curial at first, especially after vacationing to America as a young teen with my family. I always remember saying to them this is where I wanted to live. My wife and I really love the healthy and fit lifestyle we lead here in the USA, plus the weather is a bonus too!

What are your aspirations as a pro wrestler?

My aspirations in TNA Impact Wrestling would have to be being the World Heavy Weight Champion and the face of Impact Wrestling. I know I have all the tools and everything is progressing well to make that a reality.

Here are the links for the fans to contact me!

Twitter- @robterryimpact


Rob it has been awesome catching up with you, it has been a great insight for us all! Thank you!

Once again, my pleasure mate.

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