Optimise Muscle Glycogen Load With Creatine!

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When it comes to muscle glycogen, the more the better! Creatine is a sports nutrition giant known to regenerate ATP for energy and thus delay the glycogen usage. But recent research proves that creatine, not only maintains higher level of glycogen during exercise, but also enhances initial muscle glycogen accumulation. - In a study 12 men underwent a glycogen loading protocol before and after creatine load of 20 g for 5 days. Muscle biopsies were taken to check the glycogen content. The post-creatine load total glycogen content was significantly greater than the pre-creatine load total glycogen content. HOW? It was seen that creatine influences muscle's glycogen loading capacity due to its cell volumizing property. Thus whether its high intensity or long duration exercise, high carbohydrate diets for glycogen loading + creatine supplementation = heightened muscle glycogen stores.

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