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Time is often of the essence for us who live in the UK, we always seem to be on the go. The issue isn’t finding time to go to the gym, many of us can spare 3-4 windows of opportunity each week – it is getting everything done in that time which is a pain. On a regular basis you can go into the gym with the intention of getting it done in 40 minutes to find 70 minutes onwards you still have crunches to do. Sooner rather than later this will lead you to cutting down on your journeys to the gym, after all you are a busy person who cannot justify this amount of time hoisting weight around. This is not good news, exercising is imperative to health and to your body composition goals. Sometimes you have to have a backup plan, a means to push the limits in a relatively short period of time.

Below are three ways you can do this . . . . . without a gym.

Push & Pull Supersets

There is almost certainly somewhere in your house, if not a local park where you can get this done! There is not a more challenging exercise than pull ups, combine that with press ups and what you have is a combination which can have a very positive effect on your body. This ‘’push and pull’’ workout will have your muscles tapping out by the end and your body driving down your body fat levels. To keep it quick and intense do the following to achieve rapid demolition!

Pull ups 10 reps & press ups 30 reps supersetted X 6 with 90 seconds between each superset


One of the most common problems of not using a gym is a lack of weight, making certain exercises too easy. Have you ever done body squats, no additional weight? That is the fastest way to have your thighs feeling as though a blow torch is blazing your muscles! What you are lacking in the form of resistance (weights) you can make up for with the suppression of rest periods. Do this circuit below in your garden, in the park or in woodlands – just get it done!

Press ups 30 seconds

Bench (get creative) dips 30 seconds

Body squats 30 seconds

Sprints 30 seconds

Crunches 30 seconds

X 5 with 90 seconds between each circuit

Hit The Roads

Sometimes there is no replacement for getting out on the open roads when you are short on time and want to keep the body fat off. Using a hybrid of interval training known as ‘’fartlek’’ training is an ideal way to drive your ‘’post-exercise oxygen debt’’ up resulting in a mass calorie massacre for the following 24 hours. For 30-40 minutes follow the prescribed routine below.

Fast walk 120 seconds

Jog 45 seconds

Sprint 15 seconds

And repeat.

Who said you had to go to the gym to be in shape? No more excuses.

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