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There isn't a month which goes by without us at FitMag spouting off about the importance of motivation. Motivation provides a seed, the driving force behind your goals. Without motivation nothing else will matter because the action required will become too much.

Last month's motivational story of the month came from London 2012 at the Olympic games, this month we can absorb more motivation from the Paralympics which have just finished in London. With so many amazing stories coming from the Paralympics which all displayed a great deal of grit and determination it is very hard to single out any particular athlete. That is why this month we shall not, but instead celebrate motivation from a collective perspective.

Each and every athlete who competed at the Paralympics displayed levels of motivation not only during the games, but their entire career which encapsulates their hunger for success. Each of them had an excuse as to why they could have not bothered, but they didn't make excuses, instead they got on with it.

Is there anything more motivating than that?

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