Macca's Insight On Taurine!

An Update on TAURINE:

It’s fascinating to know that this second most abundantly present amino (one after glutamine) lays its hands in varied ways on sports nutrition.

FOR POWER ACTIVITY: Present even more than glutamine in type 2 muscle fibres leading to its utmost important role for power athletes . TAURINE + CREATINE! Taurine acts synergistic to creatine in helping the muscle cell hold more water, increasing cell volume for higher performance and supporting muscle hypertrophy.

FOR ENDURANCE ACTIVITY: Improves heart function and lowers the heart rate in endurance athletes for maximal aerobic performance. This is reason for its presence in many energy drinks.

FOR MENTAL PERFORMANCE: Has been investigated to have effects on mental cognition, attention and feelings of well being

DOSAGE: Recommended dosage is 2-3 gms per day before and after training.

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