Ladies - Create Your Own Bikini Body!

Ladies, I love it when I see you guys transform because it tells me you have seen the light. Specifically the importance of eating properly, not starving yourself and training properly – not running yourself into the ground. Yet there are many of you who still need convincing so here I am, doing my best to preach to you the best way to get swim suit ready!

This is specifically in relation to exercise, not nutrition – that is something we will cover another day.


Love it or hate it there is nothing which will get your body to shape up quite like a well-planned out weight training programme. Cardio has its place but it should only account for a small portion of your workout schedule at most. Why? Weight training will help you achieve a hormonal response which leads to the metabolisation of body fat, the maintenance of lean muscle tissue which in turn allows you to burn more calories 24/7. Lots of cardio in contrast burns muscle tissue and due to the energy systems used for such exercise it becomes difficult to burn body fat.

Muscle is highly metabolically active therefore the more you have, the easier it becomes to burn body fat. This doesn’t mean becoming muscle bound, ladies don’t generally suffer from this in any case – instead it means having nice figure with muscle tone which leads us on nicely to the next point.

J-Lo Curves

Have you ever met a guy who doesn’t find this Diva Superstar’s curves attractive? I didn’t think so! The best way to maintain, develop and sculpt your figure is to use weights. Don’t stress, you are not going to get ‘’bulky’’ because your hormones won’t allow you to – men have 10 times the testosterone you do which supports muscle growth. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, clean & press, bench press and rows are all fantastic exercises for you! It will lead to toned body with firm muscle tone, who doesn’t want that?

Cardio vs. Weights

To rapidly change your body composition there is one thing you really need to do and that is turn your body into a calorie burning machine! Cardio allows the body to burn calories, mostly during the exercise. In contrast resistance training creates something known as ‘’post exercise oxygen debt’’ which equates to enhanced calorie expenditure for the next 24 hours after you leave the gym! This means you are getting more bang for your buck, this is why I always have my female clients train with weights and interval training most of the time.

Ladies do I need to convince you anymore? Just give it a go, roam into the weights area of the gym and get the results you deserve!

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