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Motivation or to be motivated is an overused term, people always claim to be ‘’motivated’’ yet fall at a hurdle which others would simply skip over. Sure, there are the odd occasions which mean falling off track is inevitable but events which qualify as justifiable are generally few and far between. Last year my partner suffered a serious dislocation of her knee, for 12 weeks she wasn’t allowed to move – that was a reason not to train. Last week my cousin twisted his ankle and was on crutches yet he continued to train legs (extensions & curls) – clearly he was motivated enough and didn’t use it as an excuse.

Just the other a day a client who started back in January sent me an email of her updated photo but this time she also attached the photo of her life long idol, side by side. Jane had mentioned on many occasions of achieving a physique similar to that of her idol, however even I didn’t quite grasp how much it really mean to her. Nine months on and she is almost in the same shape, coincidence? All of this, beyond intelligent diet and training protocol comes down to pure, raw motivation.

Fancy some?

At The Starting Line!

Everybody has to start somewhere and now is your opportunity to come up with an idol, somebody who inspires you, makes you want to train at 1am in the morning as you watch their videos and makes you feel in ore of them. Engage with this person, study their mind-set which has ultimately led them to their place in the world today – embrace it.

Building Of New Habits

Having committed yourself to becoming motivated by a specific person you need to make a habit of following them on a regular basis, reading their articles and watching their training videos. This will help carry you through times when you don’t feel like training and remind you why you are doing it – to achieve what your idol has!

Every Finish Is The Beginning Of A New Race

An overall goal must be broken down into smaller goals in order to keep your level of motivation high. The overall goal may be to do 30 pull-ups but if you can only do 4 now you have to work your way up. The first target might be 7, then 10 and so on. Every you hit one goal instead of ‘’resting’’ go straight into your next goal, motivation is of paramount importance and achieving these small goals and moving onwards and upwards will help sustain this. Is your level of motivation where it needs to be? If not, embrace the power of an idol!

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