Hurdling Stumbling Blocks With Intensity!

When the going gets tough and you feel there is a muscle group that simply will not move you need to teach it the meaning of intensity! Going to failure will not do, your muscle already understands the struggle associated with this – you need to go deeper into your tools of intense training. This isn’t for the faint hearted because the burn your muscles will experience will be like nothing else you have felt before. Why? Plain and simple, you are going beyond your usual point of failure into a dark place your muscles are yet to experience. Below are 3 stubborn busting tips for muscle growth.

Negative Repetitions

Yep, you do these right? Well doing one or two after failure isn’t what we are talking about here. After all we have to go extreme to teach the muscles a new form of intensity. With that said at the point of failure on your first exercise perform 6-10 negative repetitions with the help of your training partner. This in itself is essentially another working set and it will help force the body to recruit more muscle fibres within the target muscle group(s). It is imperative that form remains 100% on the money, no body contortions of any sort are allowed – this will lead to injury eventually and it also takes away the stress on the target muscle group.

Forced Repetitions

When you want to have a change from negative repetitions go for forced reps! Again, you may well do 1-2 after certain working sets with your training partner but that is generally the norm. Once your ‘’standard’’ point of failure is reached aim for 4-6 forced repetitions with the aid of your training partner. Again, to get the results it is essential your form stays just as tight as the first repetition – dig deep, push hard and take your muscles to a place they have never had to visit before.

Partial Repetitions

These are perhaps the best way to really polish a muscle group off once the ability to achieve a full range of motion escapes you. Again, you may have ventured to 2-3 forced partial reps after reaching failure but to take the muscle beyond its comfort zone you need to do more. Look to get 10-15 partial repetitions once you reach failure, usually with a range of 2-3 inches depending on the exercise. Using all three of these principles on a rotational basis will certainly help take your stubborn muscle groups to the next level. Never be afraid to experience pain as long as it is the right kind of pain!

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