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Sometimes all it takes to dramatically improve your body composition is to do the small things right and on a regular basis. Yes, when you delve into the sub 10% body fat category (16% for ladies) it can become more of a science and proper ‘’know how’’ is often required. However, to have a positive effect on your physique and make a real difference making the right food choices at the right time of the day will often pay dividends.

The Right Carbohydrates

One of the most common downfalls to the average person’s body composition and health is the consumption of poor quality carbohydrates on a regular basis, at the wrong time of the day. Most snacks are bases around cheap carbohydrate sources such as fructose, sugar, syrups and so on. Unfortunately foods like this blunt insulin sensitivity which in turn creates a ‘’fat storing’’ machine within our body. Instead, opt for wholemeal carbohydrate sources if you must eat carbs and choose fibrous (greens) carbohydrates instead whenever possible. The difference this will make to your physique will be immense and the effects will almost become instantaneous. With your carbohydrate intake, try and limit complex carbs to the morning and pre/post workout – at least here the body is more likely to utilise the energy.

More Healthy Fats

There is an overwhelming misconception within the western world that ‘’fat’’ is bad for you and makes you all blubbery. This is certainly not the case for 80% of the time. Yes, the fat found in the likes of pizza, fish & chips, burgers and so on are very unhealthy and bad for body composition. In a nutshell, the hydrogenated fats are redundant and the body does not know how to process them correctly. In contrast fats from the likes of eggs, nuts, avocadoes, seeds, lean red meat, oily fish, some full fat dairy food and certain oils are fantastic on several levels. They improve immune function due to enhanced cell production, mental alertness due to their effect on the CNS, improve cardiac health and they also help with body recomposition. Make sure you have at least two good helpings of healthy fats each day! Before bed is always a good idea, think a handful of nuts (of course, not if you are allergic to them!!).

Portion Control

Unless you are on a diet it becomes almost a certainty that you will over indulge on a regular basis. Why? Well, why not is the answer – there is no incentive or reason not to, at least mentally! Instead give yourself a portion allowance and thereafter cut the food supply off. Eyeball the portion sizes to begin with and have a good handful of the protein serving, and then fats or wholemeal carbohydrates. Fibrous vegetables you can afford to eat more of, their calorie content is almost non-existent by the time you have digested them.

Using these small steps to improve your eating habits will make a huge difference in the short and long run!

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