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There is a lot to be said for starting ‘’small’’ and progressing from that as a starting point. When people begin a diet they conjure up the image of immediate suffering, continuous pain and anguish. In reality a diet shouldn’t be like this at least for the most part. This is relevant to those of you losing body fat or gaining muscle mass – both require almost equal discipline in eating habits and exercise protocol. Today we are going to touch on the idea of starting off and progressing from there.

Overkill – Too Much Too Soon

Whether the goal is to grow or burn body fat the principle remains the same, doing too much too soon can be detrimental to your medium and long term progress. If in week one you start eating 22 calories per pound of body weight, training 5 times a week, twice a day, take 12 different supplements and have an afternoon siesta (nap for growth) what else are you going to do in 6 weeks’ time when a plateau sets in? Always ensure you have more to give should the need arise. Certain supplements are fantastic for going beyond plateaus, in a mass gaining context something like Anabolic Designs Granite Mass Stack would work wonders in this situation for a lot of guys. Always have an ace card up your sleeve.

Reaching Saturation Point

Another common mistake with going ALL out straight away is reaching saturation point. Once you hit this it takes more and more effort to shock the body and getting it to react can be troublesome. If on a weekly basis you make one small yet significant addition to your regime it will help to keep things fresh. Saturation point will never arrive if something new changes every week!

You Can Always Add

If you start with a diet and after 7-14 days find it is way too heavy in calories for example you are going to have to cut back. This isn’t very good mentally or physically because the chances are you may have gained some body fat, and now mentally you will feel low. By starting with a more conservative plan and adding on a weekly basis until you feel as though your calorie intake is bang on is better master plan. Whenever you set out a diet for yourself always ask yourself this, ‘’can I make it progressive?’’ Progression is the key to keeping the body fresh and moving forward.

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