Getting It Done Against The Clock - No Excuses!

Ever used the excuse, ‘’I just don’t have enough time’’? Everyone has at some point I am sure, we always hear people say it and as a result miss a workout. . . .Time after time. The thing is it doesn’t always have to take a long time to get the job done, and to excuse yourself from a workout because you don’t think you have enough time is a little weak, don’t you think? Below are three easy ways to keep the body fat dropping off and the muscle intact even when time is VERY short.


Tabata training was invented in Japan and it comes across at first like some over hyped faddy way to train, especially when you consider a workout can be as short as 4 minutes!! The principle is simple, you either pick you exercise or a circuit of exercises and you perform them to maximum intensity for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and repeat continuously for 4 minutes! Imagine you were short on time and needed to train arms so you did bicep curls & close grip push-ups using this method. Do you think the muscle fibres would get worked? Do you think that you would get a pump? You’re damn right, and if you are feeling really flush on time then do 8 minutes!!

HIT It Hard!

High intensity training allows you to completely destruct any given muscle group in as little time as 20 minutes. It was officially created by the great Mike Mentzer, one of the most impressive bodybuilders to ever live. The idea is to perform just 3 working sets on a muscle group although for smaller muscle groups such as your biceps 1 can be enough. Of course, after warming up this ‘’all out’’ set requires failure, forced reps and then partials followed by negatives. It isn’t easy but if you are short on time make up for the lack of volume with Spartan intensity my friend!


The dramatic transformation principle was created by Kris Gethin, one of the world’s elite trainers in the eyes of many. Again the level of intensity is crazy but it doesn’t require a lot of time, you can be done in 25 minutes on certain body parts if you go hard enough. Last week I was in Dubai with my client who is a film star, we had precisely 22 minutes to get some kind of workout done for his arms. I had him do cable bar curls supersetted with straight bar pushdowns. We got done in that time and he had done 600 reps which left him feeling numb!! DTP uses a repetition structure of 50,40,30,20,10,10,20,30,40,50 and you increase the weight as the rep range decreases. TOUGH yet very effective.

So what do these all have in common? Intensity!! If you are short on time the true answer to staying in shape is be INTENSE!

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