Getting Anabolic In 5 Easy Steps!

As the chill in the air becomes more dominant throughout the day and the time it takes to warm up those joints increases a little you already know what time of year it is, GAIN SOME SIZE time! Unarguably the most important fundamental aspect of building lean muscle tissue is to remain as anabolic for as long as possible around the clock. That is a mission in itself being left with the balancing act of hormone control amongst a variety of other aspects.

To keep things simple FitMag have come up with 5 great tips to improve your rate of anabolism around the clock – try them and see if they work.

Body Fat

To be as anabolic as humanly possible it is advisable to be between 10-12% body fat as a guy and 16-18% as a lady. The aromatase enzyme lives within fat cells; the more of this you have actively working in the body the more testosterone is being converted into estrogen. As a result your ability to build and repair muscle tissue takes a hit. This doesn’t mean starving yourself all year round, just follow the 90/10 rule which means to eat well for 90% of the time and enjoy your life for the other 10% with foods you enjoy, in moderation.

3 Hour Rule

With the invasion of new eating protocols for muscle mass which claim eating 1-2 times a day is key this rule will go against that in every way possible. The age old rule of eating every 3 hours has stood the test of time with a huge range of pro athletes from all disciplines utilising it. In regards to anabolic activity the reason we do this is to help keep the amino acid pools full, ensuring that there are always enough ‘’building blocks’’ for muscle repair and development. It also helps sustain steady blood sugar levels enhancing the response of insulin (depending on food eaten of course.)

Sleep Well

Lying on a bed for 8 hours doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting quality sleep – you may only fall into a deep sleep for 2 hours of that 8 spent in bed. For somebody who is really looking to improve their rate of anabolism it is imperative you find a constant sleeping pattern. This will allow you to fall into a deep sleep which in turn leads to the increased secretion of testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1 – all extremely anabolic substances. To help improve your sleep pattern avoid stimulants such as caffeine 4-5 hours before bed, use vitamin C post-workout to remove any stimulants you may have used pre-workout and try and spend 20-30 minutes before bed to unwind the mind.

Eat Fat!

Fats are the key ingredients in the production of testosterone, following a diet rich in them will have a very positive effect on your HPTA leading to higher testosterone levels, and more anabolism. Eating a diet full of lean red meat, oily fish, organic whole eggs, organic butter and even some organic full fat dairy products such as goat’s cheese will help.

Go Green!

Yep, to be more anabolic you need to ensure the ratio between your testosterone levels and estrogen levels is right – these are known as your ‘’free testosterone’’ levels. To do this eat a diet very rich in greens such as broccoli as they are rich in I-3-C (indole-3-carbinol) which is a natural estrogen suppressant.

This autumn come winter, you should be more anabolic than ever before!

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