Throughout your school years and via ‘’mainstream’’ media it is safe to say your opinion of fruit will be one that says it is VERY healthy. In contrast, reading some health related magazines will oppose this viewpoint and leave you wondering eating fruit really is OK or not? Today we will aim to clear this up for you, once and for all. Fruit has several health benefits, of that there is no doubting. This includes an array of micronutrients (mainly vitamins) and dietary fibre. In contrast, certain fruits contain sugar carbohydrates which can mean they are totally guilt free when body recomposition is the goal. Following some basic rules should help hold you in good stead.


Berries are generally the most nutritious form of fruit with up to 25,000 antioxidants per 33g serving (goji berries) combined with low GI carbohydrates and a low calorie content. With that said having a serving of berries in the morning with your breakfast and in a pre-workout smoothie is a fantastic way to get the health benefits of fruit without compromising on body composition results.


Lots of fruit such as oranges are rich in fructose, a naturally occurring sugar carbohydrate. In moderation this isn’t going to hurt however it has been shown to ‘’blunt’’ insulin sensitivity which can mitigate fat loss performance. With that said, I would recommend having something like pineapple or kiwi fruit post-workout in a relatively small portion if you are insistent on eating fruit of this variety. The environment within your body will help utilise the naturally occurring sugars better as long as there is another source (waxy maize for example) of carbohydrate present & protein to help drive insulin levels up.


The final point is about moderation and acknowledging that although fruit is bursting with an array of health boosting elements it can prevent your body from burning body fat, at least effectively when you have too much of it. The old ‘’5 a day’’ fruit and veg rule is often taken out of context and people will have 5 pieces of fruit a day, which will lead to an over load in sugar for the average human being. Sticking to the above examples will help you stay on track with your fruit intake without compromise.

The conclusion is that fruit is a fantastic source of nutrients and is something you should enjoy as part of a balanced diet, however eating specific varieties of fruit at the right time of the day is essential to getting that ‘’balance’’ right.

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