Forgetting We Are Individuals

If there was just one message, one lesson we could get across to you as a reader of FitMag it would be this – every single person is individual making their needs completely unique. Yes, there are general guidelines we can apply and outline but beyond that for optimum results in relation to health, performance and body composition specific tweaks are required. If you don’t think individuality counts in regards to dieting then read some of the following points and then ask yourself the same question again.


The age old ‘’insulin card’’ and why do you think it is being repeated? Simply because it is extremely relevant and necessary – like it or not insulin sensitivity or resistance is something you have to consider when putting your diet together. I was reading a blog by one of the best trainers in the UK, Phil Learner and he said that approximately 75% of the clients at Ultimate Performance (the gym he works at) are pre-diabetic. This is an alarming rate and would certainly dictate what kind of diet these clients follow.

In regards to yourself you need to learn how tolerant to carbohydrates you are. If you find that after a bowl of rice you are feeling bloated and tired the chances are you carb intolerant to an extent. As a very general rule of thumb, ectomorph body types have a high tolerance to carbohydrates, mesomorphs not so much, endomorphs even less again.


For any guy looking to build muscle, lose body fat and improve his health estrogen is a hormone you need to have control over. Depending on a whole array of factors including age, muscle mass, body fat, testosterone production, diet as well as other influences. If your estrogen levels are high burning body fat and gaining muscle will be extremely hard. Some guys won’t need to pay attention to this to the extent others will however there are many who will.

Food Intolerances

This is something which you need to have diagnosed to be sure however it is often easy to self-diagnose a food allergy, to an extent. If you are eating foods which you are intolerant without knowing (many people will not notice a pattern in correlation to the food they eat) you will suffer from inflammation of the digestive tract in all likelihood. What’s more you will struggle to assimilate the nutrients you ingest, so no matter how good your diet is your body won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of it.

After just these 3 points it is very clear to see that you need to consider many different elements of a diet before deciding that a specific approach is in your best interests.

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