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It is widely accepted that the fitness industry is a little over populated with fitness professionals fighting for work which makes it one of the toughest industries to really break in to. With that said I am a firm believe that ‘’where there is a will, there is a way’’ and the same applies in this context. Yes, there is an awful lot of competition for work and yes, it can be tough to distinguish yourself from the crowd. However if you want to you will, here are my top tips to catapult your personal training career into orbit!

Global Opportunities

Many people won’t even comprehend working abroad because they want to stay at home, that is fair enough. However, if ever there was a time to ‘’suffer’’ short term for long term gains this would probably be it. The western world is advanced in many ways and the same can be said for the fitness industry, superstars and VIPs tend to have their own trainers. In contrast there are emerging parts of the globe which are getting to this point which creates a demand for western trainers to fulfil. Asia and the Middle East are fast emerging parts of the world and with many high net worth individuals looking to improve their health there are opportunities to tap into this. No, it isn’t easy but knowing the opportunity is there makes it easy enough to pursue if you want it bad enough.

Building A Brand

Reputation is everything, it tells the client why you should be the trainer they choose so it pays to put some time in on this front. Writing for mainstream magazines, being active on social media and doing some PR work will help. Decide what kind of clientele you are after and then aim to put yourself in front of them. Learn From The Best Again, sometimes it might require travelling from your home town/area but this short term sacrifice could pay dividends. There are some amazing personal training studios around the UK with a global reputation as the best of the best, working and more importantly learning from a work environment like this could open many doors for you. Instantly your reputation will flourish as will your knowledge leading to better results with your clients – guess what? This creates a demand for your work.

Give Them What They Want

Price point is always important but the fact of the matter is most personal trainers fall in the same category so the pitch generally becomes price orientated. Instead of falling into the pool of trainers like this offer a service which people would want and need. This could mean going the extra mile with online guidance, in-depth diet plans or home-made recipes for the client to cook. Whatever it may be just consider what the client wants beyond a cheaper price, many people are willing to pay a lot more for something they want. All you have to do is give it to them.

Walk The Walk

Don’t preach something and do the opposite, people will quickly find you out and disregard what you have to say – let alone consider you as a trainer. Again, a lot of fitness professionals do not LOOK in shape which is a bit crazy but that is the reality of the situation. Get in razor sharp shape, look good, look healthy and show people you know what you are doing. Would you take financial advice off somebody who has terrible spending habits? Probably not right? Same principle, why should anyone listen to you – empathise and then react to that. Come on fitness pros, get your A game on!

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