Fish Over Chicken For Fat Loss With Trevor Macca!

Below is another ''power'' article from Trevor Macca, a resource in his own right for some of the best facts you need to know about where health and fitness is concerned.

Despite the common belief that the ideal sports nutrition diet consists of large amounts of boiled chicken and veggies, a recent study found that eating lean fish instead of other lean meat can result in faster fat loss. Researchers split subjects into 3 groups:

1) one was given lean meat protein,

2) Cod, 3 times/week replacing lean meat

3) Cod, 5 times/week in place of meat.

Just 3 weekly Cod portions consumed promoted greater fat loss. The weekly consumption of 5 portions of Cod showed the best results, losing 3.74 pounds more than lean meat group. This experiment shows that dieting doesn’t have to be extreme. To accelerate fat loss a reasonable diet, smart food choices and taking advantage of the unique aspects of each particular food is important.

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