Deception - The Goal To Unlocking Your Potential With Trevor Macca!

Trevor Macca, an avid believer in health and fitness is constantly on the lookout for the next snippet of information to guide our FitMag readers - here is yet another golden nugget on mindset!

We have all probably been the end of the long run or the last rep of the hard squat session. Do you wonder why some professional sportsmen seem to be working forever while the rest of us reach our limits so soon? Obviously conditioning and genetics play a huge part, but how much of it is psychological?

An interesting study by stone et al examined the effects of deception (a misleading falsehood) on exercise performance.

Nine cyclists underwent 4 rounds of cycling. 1st was a familiarisation run, 2nd - for baseline performance measurement while in the 3rd and 4th rounds the cyclists were shown avatars which they were told represented their baseline performance. The avatar in the 3rd trial was the correct one while the 4th was actually set at higher power output than the baseline one, acting as a deception. - Results?

The cyclists gave their best and fastest performance in the 4th round with deception. It suggests that there is some kind of metabolic reserve which is assessed via deception/mind manipulation. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

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