Cheating For Size!

The value of a cheat meal can be exceptional, especially during a mass building phase. Don’t get us wrong, we are not advocating fish and chips every day, or every other day for that matter. What we are saying is that with the right application in conjunction with the right diet, at the right time a cheat meal can serve many purposes in your quest to size. If this sounds good to you, keep on reading to find out if that meal which has been on the ‘’banned’’ list really can be part of your lifestyle to mass.

Insulin – Anabolism

When you are looking to build muscle it is no secret that anabolism if the primary target. As bad as insulin can potentially be for fat gain you must always remember that it is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body therefore it does have a very good use in this context – you just need to utilise it properly. Having a calorie dense cheat meal will undoubtedly cause a surge in your insulin secretion so time it right to try and make the most of your elevated insulin levels. We are talking about your post-workout meal after a stomach churning leg workout.


No, eating more calories than you burn is not the only purpose of eating for mass – there is more to it than that. However, having a cheat meal once a week surely helps drive your calorie intake up giving you a surplus at the end of the day. Combined with the example above, after an extreme workout which depletes your energy levels and burns masses of calories it can be a great idea to throw them back in right after. That cheat meal is a fast way to reload the calorie bank.

Staying On Track

Even when you are mass gaining your diet needs to remain clean otherwise you will probably become fatter than you need to be, leading a lack of anabolism and a hard time dieting come the summer. Having that one meal a week allows you that mental break and goal to work towards when cravings kick in mid-week. It is imperative that for 95% of the time your diet remains clean during this phase so for this reason we think one cheat meal a week serves a great purpose.

We could ask, have we convinced you but the chances are you don’t need much convincing to reach for that favourite treat of yours!!

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