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Often it can seem more expensive to be healthy, than unhealthy which seems a little crazy – surely the government would want the country to eat healthier in order to lower the tab the NHS has to inevitably pick up with growing health issues. Like it or not most of us are limited a budget which can make eating healthy tough, really tough in some cases. Sometimes there isn’t a more fitting saying than this, ‘’do the best that YOU can’’ – I think that provides really logical perspective on eating healthy, best you can. For sure we may all like to be able to eat like the Mr O, but it isn’t always an option. Here are the some of the simple tricks I have learned, and benefitted from to ensure I am able to stay on track without completely destroying my finances.

Deal Alert!

Many of the leading supermarkets tend to have deals on, that is basic economics – there is always something they are trying to flog for half price. Fortunately for us there is normally some form of meat or fish which is on offer, salmon seems quite a popular ‘’deal’’ at the moment and I am cashing in on that - £8kg opposed to £16kg!! It is very easy today via social media to follow all of the latest deals and to have them emailed to you. By doing this you know that you are going to get the best price possible on your food. This is also fantastic from a nutritional perspective, having variety is so important for health and longevity of the digestive tract – with new deals coming and going it presents and element of surprise. Embrace that!

Getting Friendly

This is a slightly more unorthodox approach with a lower success rate, but I know several people who have benefitted from this. No, I am not about to suggest you find a butcher’s daughter/son and marry them for cheap meat!! Instead, often local butchers are willing to offer a better deal to people who buy larger than normal quantities i.e. us gym monkeys – ask the question, you might have a pleasant surprise.

Frozen Produce

As a teenager I would walk down the aisles of the supermarket lop sided due to the masses of frozen chicken in my basket. Yes, in an ideal world it is better to have organic corn fed chicken but this isn’t feasible for everyone, especially the amount we eat. Frozen chicken is often a very cost effective way of getting enough meet at a reasonable price – frozen greens are also a cheap alternative to fresh veg.

By being a little more diligent and particular about your shopping habits you can certainly eat healthily without hitting the redline!

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