Are You Making These 3 Fundamental Mistakes In The Gym?

All of us have been there, making common mistakes in the gym. This is human nature and if there were no mistakes made we would never learn any better right? Today we are going to outline and debunk 3 of the most common mistakes we always see in gyms across the UK, not to mention hear about on our Facebook page –

When To Do Cardio

A lot of people believe that doing cardio before their weight session is the most productive time to do it. At FitMag we want to flip the coin and say you should be doing it after your weight session. This of no fault of your own, a lot of ‘’qualified’’ gym instructors will tell you to do it this way around. The reason we say to do it the other way round is this. During a weight session the body uses glycogen as its primary energy source to replenish ATP, doing cardio first will deplete your glycogen levels. Secondly, doing cardio once your glycogen levels are depleted will help the body use body fat as a form of energy. Win- win right?

Everything, Every Session

Following a proper body split is essential to stimulating muscle growth as well as remaining injury free. If you are training the same body parts 4 or 5 times a week it won’t in all likelihood yield the greatest results. The thing is, when you train every body part in a workout you are limited to the amount of volume you are able to do. On another note the muscles are never able to recover properly. Not a great combination for maximised body recomposition. Instead look to hit every muscle group for 40-50 minutes once per week, then let it rest.

Poor Form

This can be the typical weekend warrior doing curls twice the weight they can actually lift or just a basic lack of understanding of an exercise. If it is the first it is easily fixed, drop your ego, drop the weight and get proper results. If you genuinely don’t understand about the benefits of proper form here you go. Staying in control of the weight for the entire repetition using a full range of motion allows the muscle to recruit more muscle fibres because your high threshold motor units become excited. This is all you need to know and is a good enough reason as to why you need to start using proper form.

Cross out these mistakes from your training regime and watch the results fall your way!

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