3 New Moves To Big Biceps

Training can become quite a repetitive process; this can lead to boredom and a lack of results. This always seem to be the case with bicep training with the simple reason being that the same exercises are done over and over again. Whilst there are many fantastic ‘’bread and butter’’ exercises which you should use, sometimes it pays to do something completely new. Here are 3 superb bicep exercises you may never have used before, or forgotten about – we can guarantee your DOMS will be insanely painful after this one!

Drag Curls

This exercise is a fantastic way to help isolate the outer bicep heads, plain and simple. To perform this exercise you need a straight bar on a cable machine. Using a neutral grip pull your elbows back so the bar is in fact up against your stomach, by your belly button. From here curl the bar and as you do move your elbows further back so the bar always remains against your abdominal wall. The best way to utilise this exercise is with slightly higher repetitions, generally in the region of 15-20. This will allow you to use a weight which means the rep tempo is fluid enough to place a great deal of tension within the bicep muscles.

Lying Cable Curls

For all you cheaters out there, this is a fantastic exercise which completely isolates the biceps – no momentum created by back movement here. Taking a bench and placing it in front of a cable machine lie down flat on the bench and then curl. Remember, the whole point is to use no momentum at all as you might do when performing conventional standing bar curls so use a weight where you can curl through your biceps and nothing else. Again, like above the best repetition range for this exercise would be 15-20 to ensure the weight used doesn’t place too much stress on the shoulder joints whilst lying down.

Crucifix Cable Curls

In contrast to the first two exercises this is a great way to hit the inner heads of your biceps and increase the time spent under tension. Standing between two cable stacks with the curling handles set at head height, stretch your arms out into a crucifix shape and curl from there. It is essential that you keep your shoulders completely still and curl from your elbows only. It is possible to use a lower repetition with this exercise if your strength levels are adequate, but to really isolate the inner bicep heads focus on 15-20 reps per set for this exercise.

There you go, a new bicep routine to spark a new spurt of growth.

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