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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is a message we have drummed into us from a very early age – and it is right when you think about all the benefits a good breakfast brings. However, we want to go one step further and talk about the potential benefits of ‘’doubling up’’ at breakfast time like you would post-workout and cramming in more muscle building nutrients at a time when your body can use them!

Anabolic Window

Maybe the name is a little deceiving; it suggests all you have to do is eat mammoth amounts of food in the given period of time to grow like a weed in rotten manure. In a nutshell the reality of it is that the body is in a depleted state and your insulin sensitivity is improved, with that being the case you can utilise more protein and calories and drive them into the muscle cell. This is post-workout of course, but is it? When you consider you have fasted for 8 hours (slept) it stands to reason that the body is once again in a fairly depleted state. As a result with strategic application we believe if you are looking to gain size there is an ideal opportunity to get an extra dose of muscle building calories in, as soon as you wake.


The second you wake up we recommend you take on a high quality whey isolate protein powder. The idea here is to spike your protein intake with an extra ‘’meal’’ and replenish your depleted amino pools rapidly. It is essential that the blend you take in is whey isolate because the micronised particles allow it to travel much faster through the digestive tract and to the target destination. At FitMag we highly rate Reflex Micro Whey as a leading whey isolate formula.


If mass is the goal then yes, a small dose of the correct sort of carbohydrates with your whey isolate will help elevate insulin levels further enhancing the delivery of the protein to the muscles. In this instance we would recommend a higher G.I carbohydrate source such as PhD Waxy Maize Starch which helps shuttle nutrients to the muscle cell at a very quick rate of knots.

What Else?

To really take advantage of the first ‘’anabolic window’’ of the day we recommend you utilise specific supplementation protocol. BCAAs are quite essentially the best way to help replenish amino acid pools, with that said we recommend you take 6-8g upon waking. The second supplement we would highly recommend is R-ALA as this helps improve the efficiency of your insulin in driving the glucose form the carbohydrates into the muscle cell. The best product if this kind is Anabolic Designs Matador.

This is a super way to kick-start your day for growth! To get all the highlighted supplements delivered for FREE at the best prices in the UK head to www.monstersupplements.com !

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