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Chicken seems to be the staple protein source for most people in their diets, in particularly those looking to gain muscle – and lots of it at that. Whilst it has the potential to taste sublime in a creamy coconut curry gravy, chicken pie or in a burger coated in breadcrumbs it can have the opposite taste without these things. On a ‘’bodybuilders’’ diet chicken can be very bland indeed and dry. What happens? Well, people become sick of their diet and jack it in. This is why we thought it might be a good idea to give you 3 simple ways to enhance the flavour of your chicken on a daily basis without doing a cooking class with Jamie Oliver or spending 4 hours a night with a pan.

Spice It Up

Every day you can add a great deal of flavour to your chicken breast simply by using spices. As you grill the chicken apply which ever rub you fancy, there are loads of fantastic flavours available from all leading supermarkets. Spice rubs including jerk, BBQ and chilli are all great! What is even better they have no negative side effects to your body recomposition goals.

Eat Veggies

Again, this is a very fast way to add a great deal of flavour, nourishment and moisture to your otherwise dry chicken. Add mixed peppers (include red, green, yellow and orange for a range of flavours and micronutrients), broccoli, curly kale, cucumber, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes and red onion. In one big stir fry style dish with chicken and a little sweet chilli sauce you have got yourself a super tasty dish – far superior to that of plane chicken breast. The best bit is all you have to do is drop these in the pan or under the grill with your chicken, easy.

Chicken Wraps

Chicken wraps do not have to be grain based tortillas or the likes of, in fact more and more people are now using greens to wrap their chicken such as lettuce. What this does is provide a great ‘’wall’’ to hold an array of tasty ingredients in, along with your chicken breast. Within the wrap add some diet friendly cheese (full fat organic is best IMO – the health benefits of dairy) along with red onions, mushrooms, and even red kidney beans. This can be as advanced as you want it to be, all I will say is that these taste amazing and take about 2 minutes to make.

No more excuses for eating plain old chicken breast.

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