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FitMag transformation winner of the month is Lucy Walton! Amazing work!

What first got you into training?

I didn't start training in gyms until quite late. I used to go for regular runs to keep fit and trained to run half marathons. I started getting quite serious knee pain and had to rest from running. I joined a local gym and started attending aerobics classes which I really enjoyed. I decided to qualify as an instructor and started teaching regular classes of my own. I enjoyed teaching so much that I gave up my full time job and started teaching classes full time. I did this for around a year but regularly got burnt out from over training so cut the number of classes and started working in gyms managing.


What was your motivation to make this amazing transformation?


A few of my friends had competed in Bodybuilding competitions and looked amazing! I wanted to look like them. That, coupled with people telling me that I had potential gave me the extra push to compete in my own show. I started looking at competition dates on google for natural body building shows and spotted the BNBF show at St Albans arena on 22nd July. It was 12 weeks away. I sent a text to Adam and my friend Josie that had competed asking if they thought it was enough time and they both came back with a 'YES'


What sort of diet did you follow to drop the fat?


My diet was tough it was low calorie and high protein. The calories reduced gradually over the weeks. If it wasn't written down on my plan I didn't eat it. Over the 12 weeks my calories intake went from around 1800 calories to around 950 in the last 2 weeks. The last 8 days was zero carbs and I ate haddock after being a vegetarian for 22 years!


What was your training like?


I trained to start with 3 days on and one day off. Day one was chest and back, day two was legs and shoulders and day three was arms and abs. I was still teaching regular classes too for my cardio work. ( 2 spin classes a week, 2 Bodycombat classes a week and a Bodyattack class once a week) The last 4 weeks the weights work changed to a Push day or a Pull day and I trained 6 days a week at this point. I did a combination of very high reps and low reps with heavy weights.


What one tip would you give to other people wanting to emulate your transformation?


Have a plan and stick to it. Have all your meals and training plans written down. I'd also strongly recommend recruiting someone to help you! I couldn't have done the training without the help of my awesome Personal Trainer (Adam Campbell) pushing me to where I couldn't have gone on my own.


Who is your main inspiration?


I have huge respect for pro natural female body builders. Jodie Marsh actually did motivate me to compete following the documentary on her lead up to her first competition.


What are your future fitness plans?

I am planning on competing early next year again in a BNBF show and next year intend to win a qualifying round and compete in the finals.

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