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Ingesting protein is just a small fraction of the work you need to do to build muscle; it isn’t as simple as that. The quality of the protein and the time of ingestion is also of paramount importance and without acknowledging this your progress will never be as good as it could be. Today you can learn why it is imperative to make sure the food you are eating contains the correct type of proteins at the right times of the day. Amino Acids There are around 23 different amino acids, 10 of which are classed as essential or indispensable and the rest are non-essential or dispensable.  The former means that you have to get them through diet as where the latter simply means the body is already able to metabolise them ‘’within house’’ for example. Every protein food is made up of amino acids and has its very own amino acid profile, some are short chain, some are medium and some are long. As logic might tell you, the shorter chain foods digest faster and the longer chain foods take longer – the medium chain foods are somewhere in the middle. Protein content doesn’t mean anything unless the quality is of high quality. For example 3 sausages may contain 27g of protein however their amino acid profiles may well be non-existent, almost empty. What does this mean?

Let’s talk bioavailability! Bioavailability Bioavailability describes how efficient a specific protein source is at being digested and then distributed to the target area. The better the bioavailability the easier it is for the body to digest and assimilate the amino acids from the protein source you have just eaten. Now if you ate a sausage the bioavailability would in all likelihood be very poor which means that your amino acid pools are not being replenished to the extent you might think they are! Premium protein sources including whey protein, grass fed beef, chicken and eggs for example are all going to have a much better bioavailability than processed meats. Timing Even when the quality of protein is on point it is vital that you eat the right types at the right time of the day. There are times when certain amino acid profiles work better with your body and in turn work better with your results. For example, white fish is an ideal pre-workout protein source due to the fact it digests relatively quickly as where beef is perfect later at night as it takes longer to travel through the digestive tract. From reading this article appreciating the importance of different protein sources and their quality should now be easier for you!!

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