The Low Down On Cardio With Mr Macca!

Trevor Macca is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to snippets of advice and research in regards to a whole host of fitness related topics. Take it away Mr Macca!

Longer cardio sessions are not always better when it comes to fat loss. Researchers reported that two 30 minute bouts of exercise with a 20 minute rest between the bouts elicited greater fat mobilisation rather than a single 60 minute bout of exercise. Now that is worth trying!

However, what if we further break down the cardio to even shorter bouts?

Well a study tried to compare a 30 minute bout of cardio to three 10 minute bouts. And here’s a real finding for those who do hours of cardio: Short, spaced out 10 minute bouts had greater fat oxidation than one long, continuous 30 minute bout of exercise.

What about the post exercise period?

It was seen that repeated cardio produced greater increases in free fatty acids, glycerol and ketone body concentration during the 60 minutes following the exercise concluding major fat contribution as a substrate for energy production.

New research in the fat loss category keep buzzing; follow the way that gives you best results!

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