The Holy Grail To Gains - RECOVERY!

Often you will hear many experts talk about the importance of ‘’growing’’ or getting stronger. However one of the most over looked and undervalued parts to the puzzle is of course proper recovery!! Without recovery everything else becomes irrelevant because you cannot progress with recovering first, both logic and science will tell you this. What is proper recovery and how does one go about achieving this bodily state? Follow our ultimate guide to recovery!!


If you are not getting enough sleep and enough ‘’deep’’ sleep then recovering properly will always escape you. Good quality sleep allows the body to recover at a faster rate than any other time of the day as certain hormones become elevated – growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone and the key ones here, and are all anabolic which means to ‘’repair’’ or ‘’build.’’ If you are deficient in certain micronutrients then achieving a good night’s sleep will be difficult. To improve your sleep quality, supplement with Magnesium before bed and also take Vitamin D3 in high dosages every 4 days. This will allow for proper sleep and more importantly muscle relaxation as magnesium allows your muscles to relax, as where calcium helps them contract. So, stage 1 of optimising recovery is to sleep properly and aid yourself by taking certain steps as outlined above.

Amino Acids

The best supplements for optimised muscle recovery are amino acids and branched chain amino acids, more specifically. Within the body you have approximately 22 different amino acids, 8 being essential and the remaining are non-essential. The latter are manufactured internally as where the former have to come from your diet. As somebody who is training at great intensity several times a week studies suggest (as do real life results) that taking high dosages of both essential and non-essential amino acids aids recovery and muscle growth dramatically. Taking up to 10-12 BCAAs before, during AND after your weight sessions is advisable for optimum results. There are other amino acids, such as L-Glutamine which is the most abundant amino acid within the body. Taking 10-15g of this twice a day (upon rising and before bed) is also a fantastic way to boost muscle recovery.

PhD BCAAs are a very high quality form of BCAAs and Gaspari AminoMax6,000 is a fantastic amino acid product.

Post-Workout Nutrition

Above we touched on the importance of amino acids around your workouts and now we are going to focus in more depth upon the importance of post-workout nutrition. Taking in a very fast acting protein source as well as a carbohydrate source is massively important to muscle recovery immediately post-training. Using a ratio of anywhere between 2:1-4:1 in favour of carbohydrates is ideal depending on your requirements, body type and goal. Make sure the protein source is pure whey isolate, ideally hydrolysed. What this means is that the particles of so small that they are able to become absorbed within the muscle cell that much quicker – Gaspari IntraPro is a great choice here. The carbohydrate source must be able to absorb very fast as well, PhD Waxy Vol is a superb option here.

Following these basic rules with your supplementation plan will allow for rapid muscle recovery leading to faster gains in muscle size and strength!

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