The Chronicles Of ''Average Joe'' Part 3

Today’s ‘’Chronicles of Average Joe’’ represents a typical conversation between myself and a beginner in relation to supplementation usage. For the sake of this article, presume that I have already covered correct training and nutrition on a basic level with them, and they are adhering to it.

Client: So Adam, I am now following a structured training programme where I hit every muscle group each week, even my legs in fact. I have got into the habit of preparing the day’s meals the night before and I can honestly say I can see the difference. Now I want to go to that next level, can we talk about supplements please?

AG: First of all I would like to commend you on your efforts, more specifically on training legs – really that is quite a feat and something you should be proud of!! Secondly, as long as what you say is true (and I am not doubting you) then yes, there are certain supplements I would recommend to you as a beginner.

Client: Go on. . . . .

AG: OK, these are supplements which I would recommend to you as a beginner. Kind of like your ‘’beginner stack’’ to get you accustomed to supplements and to get you on your way, after the first 4-8 weeks there are more you can look to add.

Client: OK, I am waiting.

AG: See the list below – Whey Protein Isolate Multi-Blend Protein Powder Vitamin D Magnesium BCAAs & Amino Acids

Client: And what else?

AG: For now that would be it, I think each of these supplements serve you well as a beginner and acts as a very comprehensive stack.

Client: What does each one do?

AG: Great question and one you should ALWAYS ask before buying a supplement.

Whey Protein Isolate – this is a very fast digesting protein source which is ideal post-training and first thing in the morning when you are in a catabolic state and you need to replenish your amino acid pools quickly.

Multi-Blend Protein – protein powders with an optimised blend of slow, medium and fast digesting proteins are ideal for day time and before bed. They allow a sustained feed of amino acids into the muscle cell and the combination of fast and slow digesting proteins can equate to a spike or ‘’pulse’’ in protein synthesis and the prolonging of this effect.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is one of the most commonly underused micronutrients and many people are deficient in it. As a result your sleep and recovery can suffer as well as your energy might not be what you want to hear because it sounds so tame but I would recommend it, HIGHLY!

Magnesium – Again, one of the most common micronutrients to be deficient in. Magnesium helps with the absorption of many micronutrients including Vitamin D – together these work as a potent blend to ensure a healthy sleeping pattern and high quality sleep. As a result the body can recover much faster as magnesium allows muscle fibres to relax. The better you sleep the more you are also able to optimise growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone levels.

BCAAs & Amino Acids – Both supplements are your ‘’bread and butter’’ for rapid muscle growth and recovery. There are around 23 amino acids, 10 of which are ‘’essential’’ meaning that you need them via ingestion because the body cannot make them. BCAAs cater for this and some, and amino acids give you higher dosages of the ones you can make. If you are serious about building size, use up to 10g of BCAAs before, during AND after your workouts and the same volume of amino acids during the day.

Client: WOW, who would have thought!

AG: Class excused for today, get these into your regime and we can talk about extra supplements to use.

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