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Results, results, results this is what I preach. However, I acknowledge to achieve results on a CONSITENT basis (anyone can get lucky with 1-2 transformations) you must use principles based on sound scientific evidence. Having had the luxury of talking to some of the world elite trainers and doctors within the field (this does these guys no justice, we are talking freaks who are closer to encyclopaedia than human) there is a very consistent pattern – use science (proper science with proper studies) and use real life know how which you have to earn. Unfortunately there is not a study to help you in every scenario when transforming a physique. This is where I feel a balance is required, knowing that the research you do is based on compelling evidence yet you also know how to react when there is not a study there to tell you what should happen. Like most things in life, what happens on paper and what happens out there on the ‘’playing field’’ are two different things.

Studies – Helping Us Move Forward

There are probably millions of studies that have been conducted throughout history and of course a lot of them have contributed some amazing results, which help us today. There are certain studies you will read that are totally comprehensive, unbiased and compelling which you know are of use. When a study has every single angle covered, which is a rare occurrence it is easier to become satisfied by the outcome – whether or not you disagreed with it beforehand. For this I am a huge believer in reading studies and taking from them the right knowledge, so long as they are conducted properly.

Studies – The Flip Side To Every Coin

Unfortunately there are loads and loads of studies which simply are not in any way comprehensive and they leave gaping holes wide open for debate. This is not what a study should achieve, for a study to be credible it must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the conclusion is highly accurate. Today in the fitness world you will see many people preach about a certain topic because they read studies conducted on 12 people in a non-controlled environment. To make matters worse these ‘’half arsed’’ studies are usually funded by somebody who would benefit from a specific outcome (think businesses) and would you believe it, they always come out in favour of the company. This is the massive drawback with published studies, people will learn every single one and have no perspective on it because their life experience in the gym and with nutrition is lacking. The truth is there is almost a study to support whatever viewpoint you wish to take, so it is down to you to decide which studies are credible and which ones ‘’add up’’ because some do not.

Somebody on my fan page recently posted one, stating that it ‘’proves’’ ALL DAIRY products raise insulin levels just like white bread. In hindsight what it actually showed was that skimmed milk did, and that the fat free yogurt they were using was consumed with agents which helped increase the insulin load. As always, I advocate full fat fairy products because without fat a dairy product above anything else is a sugar – with the fat present this scenario changes, leading to a preferable insulin reaction. See my point? One very sketchy study caused a huge disillusion within an individual and in this case he had very little life experience on this matter to understand otherwise. This is why you have to be careful with studies.

Always check who has conducted them as well!! That ladies and gentlemen is my thoughts on studies, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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