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Although at some moments during the summer I felt like my time in India would never end, it is less than a month until I board a good old British Airways jet and head off back to the UK. By this time my client here will have successfully completed his transformation but that is only half the battle. With all of my clients I try and guide them beyond the 12 weeks because there is always a danger that you come to the end and lose perspective on things and go off the rails. In case you are wondering what to do come the end of your 12 weeks transformation, here are my top 3 golden rules.

Set New Goals

How do you think you have managed to commit to a diet, workout and supplement plan for the last 12 weeks? Simple – you had a goal and you were able to keep telling yourself that, there was a reason for your efforts and in some cases sacrifices. The obvious answer after your transformation is over is to set a new goal. This might mean limiting yourself to one cheat meal a week and continuing in the same fashion or aiming for a new goal whether it be strength or size for example. The important factor is always having a goal – without a solid goal in place you have nothing to aim for which means your efforts in and out of the gym are never as important as when you have a reason to stick to the plan. Cheat

Unless you have the mind set and will power of a monk there will be certain foods and beverages you are craving, guaranteed. The day you finish in a controlled way enjoy yourself, write a list of the foods you really want to eat and enjoy them – guilt free. As long as you are sensible from here on in and sustain a healthy diet and workout plan after the cheat it won’t have a negative impact on your results. My goal as soon as I land in the UK is to enjoy a Nando’s, Fish and Chips and my favourite ice cream with chocolate digestive biscuits!! Why not, I will have earned it and so will you.

Healthy Options

Probably the best way to stay on track and stay sane is to have a list of foods you always love and make healthy alternatives. Yogurt is a huge favourite of mine, but not healthy natural yogurt – chocolate yogurt and so is ice cream. Instead all I have is 1 scoop of chocolate or white chocolate protein, 75g quark cheese, 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter with stevia and a little water – stir into a mousse! If you want ice cream, just freeze it!! You have done the hard work now make that count, stay on track!!

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